I am the 1 percent used to justify 100 percent of abortions

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Iowa. Kentucky. Mississippi. Ohio. Georgia. Alabama. What do these states have in common? Courage and compassion. They’ve passed Heartbeat bills (Missouri and Louisiana are on their way), banning the brutal act of abortion once a heartbeat can be detected in unborn children. 

I love how mainstream media is trying to spin this as a male versus female political fight (well, at least they’re admitting that there are only two genders). They ignore all the prolife women in this fight—the ones who run the majority of prolife organizations and the ones fighting in state and federal legislatures who reject the violence of abortion. 

All across the Twittersphere, pro-abortion activists are tweeting in ALL CAPS: NO UTERUS, NO SAY!!! Funny. Didn’t seven men in black robes deliver the violence of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton in the first place? Guess that’s an acceptable form of “patriarchy.”

CBS News laments: “Alabama just criminalized abortions—and every single yes vote cast by a white man.” Gasp! Didn’t know it was a crime to be a white male politician.

Didn’t all white men (91% of Republican white men and a smaller 60% of Democrat white men) make women’s right to vote, the 19th Amendment, a reality?

USA Today asks: “25 Men voted to ban abortion in Alabama. Do they reflect the rest of America?”. It starts off with more alarmist language: “25 white male Republicans in Alabama voted to ban abortion at every stage of pregnancy.” There those Radical Republicans go again, believing we’re all created equal. 

Didn’t all white male Republicans vote to abolish the injustice of slavery?

And then there’s the horrific tragedy of rape, which the Left is relentlessly exploiting. Never mind they ignore it when Planned Parenthood fails to report the rape of underage victims. Those rape situations don’t bother them. No. Only when they realize how potent it is to use the 1% to justify 100% of abortions. 

I am that 1 percent. 

My biological mother was raped, yet she rejected the violence of abortion. I was adopted and loved instead. I’m not the “residue of the rapist”, as Senator Vivian Davis Figures described those like me who were conceived in rape; I’m the resilience of my birthmom. And the only father that I’ve ever known is Henry Bomberger—a man who could’ve lived a “normal” life. Instead, he chose to live an extraordinary one as he stepped up to love those that other men abandoned. I couldn’t control the circumstances of my conception. Could you, Senator? 

My birthmom needed an active Healer in her life, not an activist huckster.

As an adoptee who grew up wanted and loved in a multiracial family of fifteen and as a happily married adoptive father with four children, I’m here to say there’s another side of this painful issue. There are others like me who were conceived in the violence of rape, like my friend Rebecca Kiessling, an attorney and passionate defender of life. There’s the former Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, Trayvon Clifton, Monica Kelsey, Jim Sable, Pam Stenzel, and many more whose stories offer a different perspective than mainstream media’s myopic pro-abortion view. There are women who became mothers from rape who courageously chose life, like Liz Carl and Rebekah Berg. 

I mean, who really are the extremists here? Those who think that every human being has the right to life? Or people who celebrate the needless slaughter of one million innocent humans each year in America? People who boast about having their abortions like Gloria Steinem sporting an “I had an abortion” shirt? People like fake feminist Jill Filipovic who suggest severing part of a man’s penis every time he impregnates someone. People like Cecile Richards who compare protesting abortion to protesting a colonoscopy, because an unborn child is no different than feces?

When it comes to rape and abortion, how do you heal violence with more violence? 

Let’s be real here. Even if Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act had a rape and incest exception, the confused Handmaid’s Tale cosplayers would still be out in full force. Fake feminists need to exploit tragedy to promote their false equality. And they never seem to find space in their screeds to talk about punishing the actual criminal—the rapist.

Remember when the bipartisan Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was signed by President George W. Bush? Every abortion group, including the NAACP, descended upon DC in 2004 in a massive protest, called the “March for Women’s Lives.” How dare you prevent a child from being partially birthed in order to have her tiny skull crushed and body parts severed to remove that separate human being from her mother’s body! 

Dr. Leana Wen, the historically-challenged President of Planned Parenthood, declared on Twitter: “I can’t believe I have to say this—but there is no such thing as infanticide in medical care. There is no such thing as abortion up until birth.” Clearly she didn’t get the memo about the Planned Parenthood-led “March for Women’s Lives” demonstration 15 years ago when pro-abortion activists went all apoplectic after mostly Republicans and some Democrats voted to stop the brutal practice of partial birth infanticide. 

According to the New York Times, Ron Fitzsimmons, the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, admitted that the barbaric intact dilation and evacuation procedure (aka “partial birth abortion”) was “common.”

And then there was Virginia Governor Ralph Northam calmly explaining how infanticide is practiced. Let’s not forget Gosnell, who happened to be committing infanticide for years in Philly—delivering babies alive and then snipping their spinal cords to kill them. He was finally convicted of murder and jailed.

New York’s recently passed Reproductive Health Act reiterated that abortion up until birth, for any “health” reason (physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age as declared in Doe versus Bolton), is legal as long as the abortionist vouches for it. How convenient. 

Vermont just passed H57 which eliminates all abortion restrictions, allowing abortion up until birth. The legislation also decriminalizes self-induced (aka “back alley”) abortions. 

Fake feminism is the extremism. It sees compassion in an act of violence. It sees strength when someone succumbs to despair. It sees (selfish) autonomy where God designed selfless dependency. 

I am the one percent that is always demonized and exploited. But I’m part of a far larger collective of courageous and compassionate advocates for Life who believe in the radical notion that we all have equal and irrevocable worth regardless of how our lives began.


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  • mloustalot

    I love what you say. .and it’s all so true. .why can’t people in favor of abortions see it? How can they be so blind? They are educated, productive members of society as most of us are. .how can we know the obvious and they cannot? It gets so tiring sometimes. .I pray daily for an end to abortion, but are hearts being changed? God continues to allow it — what more must we do? Slavery ended with a war and 100 more years of turmoil. .does any of us have the stomach for that?

    • Sturmritter

      Hearts are being changed. The country is becoming more and more aware of the horror that abortion is.

  • pete oconnor

    Down vote

    • Sturmritter

      Down vote what? Your post?

      The article itself is pretty illuminating, and has seriously made me question my own stance on this matter.

  • Stephen Armstrong

    Your own language in the article contradicts the point you trying to make. You state: “There are women who were raped who courageously chose life.” Yes, CHOSE life. That means they had a choice to make. It wasn’t forced on them, which is what Republicans are trying to do now. They want to take away women’s choice and bodily autonomy in the matter, and when you do that you are telling women that they are less than a full, equal autonomous human being. I fully respect and celebrate women who choose to give birth under unhappy or dangerous circumstances, but it MUST be their own choice

    • Sturmritter

      Does anyone have a choice to murder someone? If yes, then is one choice in that regard morally wrong or not?

      All laws are based on morals. The canard that you cannot legislate morality is just that, a canard. What you cannot legislate is human nature and it’s propensity to make the wrong choices in regard to life and morality.

      The law that Alabama passed does not criminalize the mother, it criminalizes the provider. The woman still has a choice to get an abortion outside of the state, or to use a morning after birth control pill when they have done the immoral deed of choosing sex outside of marriage. For cases of rape and incest, we have less that 1% of those cases occurring, and I’m sure that there is legal and financial help for victims in that regard.

      Personally, I don’t agree that people have a right to choose to murder people. But as you say, it must be the individuals’ own choice.

    • Mary Fischer

      Abortion is a word used to cover up the ugliness of MURDER of INNOCENT children IN THE MOTHER’s WOMB. ROE V WADE must stop now.

    • deedwan

      Killing an innocent child should never have been made a choice.

  • Sherry

    I just love this, Ryan! It brought tears to my eyes.

  • connie

    One of the one percent here. Thanks for speaking up for us.

  • jpyoung6

    God Bless your birth Mother! She allowed you to live and use your talent on loan from God!

  • Mary Fischer

    ROW V WADE every vote cast was by a white judge.

    • Mary Fischer

      I’m totally against the murder of the INNOCENTS.

  • David Brandt

    New slogan-
    Pro-Choice is Anti-science

  • Israel B

    The underlying problem with ‘Heartbeat’ legislation is that other critical organs develop later in the pregnancy. Specifically neural tube defects aren’t detected until 17-22 weeks. This places a pregnant women in the potential position where she will be forced to carry a ‘terminal’ fetus to term. The ‘Heartbeat’ angle is just as cynical as the rape & incest wedge.

    • horseradish

      You like to murder babies

  • Julie

    So many saving the dogs and puppies, and other animals, but it’s ok to kill a baby. I’ll never understand how people think 1 is ok but not the other.

  • deedwan

    Praise God you are here! And that you are using your voice, your talents and abilities to spread such important messages…endeavoring to walk in the fullness of being the man that God created you to be.

  • Billy Bob Landers Xii

    #PregnancyAwareness – helping us make good choices so our child can too. #Sarah King Landers

  • Billy Bob Landers Xii

    After a rape or any trauma…it takes time to heal. Give yourself that.
    Don’t just react …think and move forward.

    I thank God Everyday for giving me those instructions. He gave me #PregnancyAwareness.
    It helps everyone involved, especially the child!
    For Jesus said unto the little children “come into me.”

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