The Radiance Foundation celebrates Black History Month: (from L to R: Frederick Douglass, Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Dr. Ben Carson, Fannie Lou Hamer)

(Featured from L to R: Famed Slavery abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Prolife Pioneer Dr. Mildred Jefferson, World famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Civil Rights Activist Fannie Lou Hamer)



Abortion has deprived us of more than 16 million possibilities in the black community since Roe v. Wade. That is a history marked with blood because of the failure of “black leadership” in Churches, institutions of higher learning, media, and public offices across the country. Our future is being erased because of political allegiance and complicity with a racist ideology that stretches back to the late 19th century–eugenics. From slavery to Jim Crow laws to population control efforts, eugenics (a racist pseudoscience that preached a superior race could be achieved if the “unfit” could be eliminated) is the tie that binds these dehumanizing efforts.

Black History Month is all about celebrating the remarkable achievements of black Americans, despite the hostility of racism that marks much of American history. Through unthinkable hardships, leaders emerged with inexplicable courage, modern day prophets spoke with fierce boldness and the most inventive created things that changed the world. As we look at those whose lives changed history, it’s quite evident that these champions for freedom have predominantly come from the most impoverished and seemingly impossible situations. And many of these leaders were (and are) passionately pro-life. That’s the beauty of Possibility.

THIS WEEK WE HIGHLIGHT Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer who is one of many who broke through the generational shackles of poverty to live a life devoted to helping free others from the same bondage. Read More>>>

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