Violence is wrong. No matter what form it takes, harming or killing innocent human life is a social injustice we should all stand in solidarity against. The Prolife movement denounces violence against the innocent in the womb and their mothers–and even abortionists and other abortion workers–no matter what.

Planned Parenthood wants to #DefundThePolice.

Planned Parenthood boasted of its actions to help #DefundThePolice in its annual report here.

A burglar can’t denounce theft. A pimp can’t denounce sex trafficking. And Planned Parenthood can’t denounce violence. They killed 354,871 defenseless humans according to their own latest annual report. Abortion, which rips apart a human being, is violent. And sometimes, as in the case of Tonya Reaves, Planned Parenthood prefers to protect its own daily violence over the life of a woman. Tonya Reaves died inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion biz. She bled to death for 5.5 hours because Planned Parenthood refused to call 911. Her life, and that of her unborn child, had no value to them.

Abortion is violence…against the unborn and their mothers, regardless of race or ethnicity. Planned Parenthood now calls itself an “anti-racist organization.” If abortion weren’t so heinous their claim would be hilarious. It would be like cigarette companies calling themselves “anti-cancer.” Nope. Sorry. Doesn’t work. In New York City, where the nation’s largest chain of abortion violence is headquartered, more black babies have been aborted than born alive for decades! Planned Parenthood calls this “reproductive justice”. They kill 373 black lives every single day (calculated by multiplying Planned Parenthood’s 354,871 abortions in latest report by the CDC’s stat of 38.4% of abortions committed on black babies.)  Fannie Lou Hamer, famed anti-poverty and voting rights activist, called abortion a “genocide” among blacks. We echo her sentiments. For the nation’s largest abortion and baby-parts-trafficking chain, only some black lives matter. You can’t denounce violence and racism when you are violence and racism. (See more on this at our BlackAndProlife.com.)

Don’t forget, too, that the organization that had aided and abetted sex traffickers and other sexual predators has called for prisons to be abolished and to #DefundThePolice. Yes. Big Abortion Planned Parenthood kills millions of innocent lives. It’s no surprise that they want millions of Americans to be more vulnerable to crime. Pander. No Matter What. 

"Less Care" - 2021 Radiance Foundation UpdateNearly every major medical is plummeting at the abortion giant. Yes. Real healthcare services have been plummeting for years at Planned Parenthood. You know, that go-to defense anytime someone mentions their main “service”, abortion? In the last ten years, breast exams have dropped from 747,647 to 269,669; that’s a massive drop of 64%! Pap tests are down even more at 65%. Pro-abortion activists will never respond to these facts, because it requires them to have something more than a cute mantra. Here’s a cute mantra for them: less care, no matter what.

And not just less healthcare is happening at Planned Parenthood, but plenty of fake healthcare. Why aren’t women told about significant increased risks of preterm births, triple-negative breast cancer, and negative mental health outcomes from induced abortions? The peer-reviewed science is overwhelming. (See all the links to the substantial evidence here). Abortion is fake health.

Unlike pro-abortion activists, the Prolife movement believes we are all created equal–that every life has purpose. Planned Parenthood, a $2.2 billion-dollar abortion business, has never believed all humans are equal. Ever. And it resorts to the most grotesque form of violence, dismembering and destroying 972 unborn babies every single day. The Center for Medical Progress uncovered the truth that Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby body parts (and sometimes the entire bodies). As soon as the videos went public, Planned Parenthood–always casting itself as the victim–pretended that its website was hacked by pro-lifers. It was all a PR stunt to raise money directly from the webpage that falsely claimed their site was down. They weren’t attacked. What real healthcare organization has ever faked having their website hacked? Only a political machine that hacks the truth (and human lives) every day.

What real healthcare organization tells teens: “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.” We can think of a big number of consequences of embracing this lie.

And now, Planned Parenthood has helped to push a bill through making it criminal for anyone to expose the corruption of abortion “providers” in AB 1671, which (of course) violates the First Amendment. Nothing like making it a crime for undercover journalists to expose a corrupt industry.

The real crime is that a taxpayer-funded organization gets away with violence and not reporting sexual violence. Yes. Planned Parenthood has failed to report rape, repeatedly, and has been sued, repeatedly, for these failures. Live Action has a powerful exposé here. This is in direct violation of Title-X requirements–oh, and basic humanity. Since mainstream media refuses to do journalism, citizen journalists have to. From court rulings to testimonials of victims and former abortion workers, there is plenty of disturbing evidence of how Planned Parenthood chooses to protect the predators instead of the victims. They abort. They don’t report. #TimesUp, Planned Parenthood. Stop creating more tragic #MeToo stories.

Planned Parenthood faked website hack

Back in July 2015, Planned Parenthood faked being hacked as part of a PR stunt to raise money. Mainstream media refused to report that it was all a lie.

There’s a reason why Planned Parenthood announced it no longer wanted to use the “pro-choice” label. You’d actually have to support choices. They vilify pregnancy care centers and spend millions on campaigns and lobbying to shut them down. They don’t boast about all the parenting classes offered because billion-dollar Planned Parenthood doesn’t financially benefit when moms and dads choose to parent their child. And they demonize adoption, telling their “educators”, in this so-called, factsheet that: “The psychological responses to abortion are far less serious than those experienced by women bringing their unwanted pregnancy to term and relinquishing the child for adoption.” Gee, that might explain why Planned Parenthood aborts 133 human lives for every 1 adoption referral. (Last year, they reported 354,871 abortions–their most ever–and only 2,667 adoption referrals.)

So don’t be fooled by Big Abortion. They may have a billion-dollar budget, but we have the Truth. Don’t let an industry rooted in human destruction fool you into thinking it cares about violence. Abortion mogul, Cecile Richards, declared in the New York Times, “We aim to be the largest kick butt political organization.” They don’t aim to be the best healthcare provider. They are who they are: violence wrapped up in pink banners and ludicrous hashtags. There is real healthcare at over 13,000 (taxpayer-funded) federally qualified health centers and community health centers that don’t commit the violence of abortion (find one here). This is why The Radiance Foundation stands in #solidarity with pro-life Americans who fight, peacefully, through the legal system, through education, through love and compassion–and without any help from 99.9% of mainstream media–to abolish abortion, defund and replace Planned Parenthood.




Fannie Lou Hamer called abortion “genocide”. So why does the NAACP support abortion violence against innocent human lives?

Find out how the nation’s leading “civil rights” organization doesn’t believe that all black lives matter. #Epic #CivilRights #Fail

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