Yes. We know what a woman is. We know what a man is. We live in a culture of chaos and confusion where young children and young men and women are seduced by a toxic ideology that’s poison to their souls and their bodies. LGBTQ+++ activism won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. They don’t want tolerance. They want obedience. Tragically, it’s children who are the daily aftermath of a reckless worldview that denies basic science, forces speech, and promotes dangerous carcinogenic drugs and body mutilating surgeries as a cure to emotional distress. Females are being displaced and replaced in sports, pageants, scholarships and other programs meant for females. Adoption agencies are being shut down because of who they are (Christians) and who they love (vulnerable children who need a married mom and dad).

If our society rejects people in blackface, why is it okay for men to be in womanface? It’s demeaning. It’s anti-science. It’s anti-Christian.

We won’t be silent. The Radiance Foundation loves people too much to be bystanders in this immoral attack on God’s intended design. From OpEds, to videos, to graphics and media interviews, for years we’ve been sounding the alarm about politically and financially powerful LGBTQ+++ organizations and their quest for power, their blatant efforts to sever parent/child relationships, and their actions to dominate social policy regardless of how the Constitution is shredded. The “gay rights” movement and pro-abortion movement have long declared their inseparable solidarity. If they don’t destroy a child in utero with abortion violence, they seem hell-bent on destroying children with gender violence outside of the womb.

This is a spiritual battle. This is a moral battle. This is also a battle that has to play out in our legislatures and state and federal courts. We cannot be naive. We cannot be ignorant. This is not about equality. It’s about conformity.

As Christians, we’re called to love every human being not every human doing.

Your tax-deductible support of our work enables us to speak truth into a world screaming lies. Thank you for helping us in this battle to protect women and girls.


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