Bleeding Kansas

Humanity loves circles. We keep repeating the same patterns of dehumanizing behaviors over and over again. The recent failure to pass the Value Them Both Amendment, via a voter ballot initiative, [...]

Abortion is Slavery.

Since the Dobbs decision was released, supremely correcting a supremely wrong Roe decision, the Left has become even more unhinged. Sadly, not unshackled. The amount of mental and rhetorical [...]

Roe Gets Aborted

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. I had to keep reloading the Supreme Court’s official page. Was today finally going to be the day that justice would be done? Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Every ten [...]

Patriotism and Pride

Originally published in May 2021. Still just as true today.  It’s interesting how we move from the self-sacrifice of soldiers who’ve died for our freedoms into a month of self-obsession from LGBT [...]

Abort Roe

Today was my birthday. But that birthday could’ve easily been aborted. I am the one percent that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion. My birthmom, despite being a victim of the violence [...]

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