Ryan Bomberger Named As “One of Fifty Greatest Pro-Life Leaders”

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Ryan Bomberger, the cofounder of The Radiance Foundation, was surprised this summer to find out he was named as “one of the fifty greatest pro-life leaders in the last fifty years”. A powerful new book entitled Legacy of Life honors the architects, strategists, and innovators that have made the overturning of Roe v. Wade possible. Compiled by John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council, this incredibly beautiful hardcover book is a compendium of pivotal pro-life leaders such as Dr. Jack Willke (considered the father of the Pro-Life movement), Nelly Gray (founder of the March for Life), Dr. Mildred Jefferson (cofounder of the National Right to Life Committee), Lila Rose (Live Action President/Founder), Abby Johnson (Founder And Then There Were None), David Bereit (founder of 40 Days for Life) and many more.

The writers of each tribute are just as amazing as the people highlighted. In fact, there are so many who deserve to be in this book, but it would be an impossibly large project. It’s why there’s a section entitled “The Unnamed Activist”. A dear friend of The Radiance Foundation, Alison Centofante — an incredible force for pro-life good herself — wrote the tribute for Ryan. “I was completely surprised,” Ryan explains. “My wife submitted some photos and knew something was being created, but we had no idea that it would result in such an amazing honor. Of course, I can’t do what I do without my partner in life and love Bethany Bomberger who has co-labored with me since we began our non-profit in 2009. May God be glorified in all we do and may His precious creation be protected by the works of our hands and hearts. Life is always worth the fight!”

This phenomenal book serves as a powerful history lesson. Every pro-life individual should have it. Every church, every school/home-school co-op, everyone who wants to see the end of abortion in America should get a copy of this book to help educate and inspire more to fight for Life.

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