We’re all about gender equality. Last year we released SHE IS SHE.

The guys have finally caught up!

HE IS HE is a ground-breaking children’s book that is binary gender affirming. It celebrates what it means to be a boy and a man. God designed males and females with such incredible intentionality. There are thousands of biological differences between guys and girls, but our culture wants to pretend they don’t exist. Boy oh boy do our children need the truth! HE IS HE is all about undeniable, biological, lovable him.

Authors Ryan & Bethany Bomberger, Parents of Two Girls and Two Boys, Founders of The Radiance Foundation

Here’s the full preview:




Ryan and Bethany Bomberger are the founders of Radiance Foundation, a faith-based, factivist nonprofit organization. Their reach is global as they powerfully illuminate that every human life has God-given purpose. Their innovative and bold work has earned massive mainstream media coverage including the New York Times, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Christian Post, ABC News, NewsMax, Breitbart, NPR, Epoch Times, World, Washington Times, Washington Post, LA Times and many more.

Ryan and Bethany are the authors of the new ground-breaking SHE IS SHE and HE IS HE children’s books that boldly proclaim God-given biological identity. Through rhyme and adorable illustrations each book celebrates binary gender and how girls and guys are beautifully and biologically different. In a culture that promotes confusion, these books present clarity.

Ryan Bomberger is the Chief Creative Officer of Radiance Foundation. He’s sought-after international public speaker, columnist, factivist, and author of Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong. He has a rather unique perspective on purpose. He was adopted and loved in a diverse family of fifteen (ten were adopted). Today, he’s an Emmy Award-winning creative professional who designs messaging that’s fearless, factual and freeing. Ryan has keynoted at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia Law School, Penn State, UT Austin, Eureka College, Quinnipiac, and hundreds more events across the nation and abroad.

Bethany Bomberger is an educator by profession. She taught for thirteen years in public and private schools in both suburban and urban settings. As a homeschooling mom, she’s passionate about school choice and its student-centered empowerment. Bethany is the Executive Director of The Radiance Foundation. She’s an international public speaker and author of the culture-shifting children’s book PRO-LIFE KIDS!. From women’s conferences to pregnancy center galas to Supreme Court rallies, she loves speaking about how faith makes us stronger than our circumstances.

Bethany and Ryan met at Regent University where they earned their Master’s degrees. They are the blessed parents of four awesome kiddos (two of whom were adopted). They are passionate about building a culture that values life at every age and stage.

"He Is He" by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger
"She is She" by Bethany & Ryan Bomberger
"She is She" is available now!
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