Skin Issues: Race, Racism & Reality

We are so much more than our skin. Today, however, we live in a society that increasingly prejudges people based on the various (and beautiful) hues of our skin.

Race is a social construct. It’s made up. It has no scientific or biblical basis yet is the driving force behind so much in our culture.

This multimedia presentation looks into the origins of “race”, the evil of racism and how we should see it all from a biblical perspective. We explore some/all of the following:

  • Critical Race Theory
  • Black Liberation Theology
  • Black Nationalism
  • #BlackLivesMatter movement
  • Eugenics & Systemic Racism
  • Planned Parenthood’s White Sin Supremacy
  • Systemic vs. Specific
  • American Civil Rights History
  • Social Justice and Biblical Justice
  • Recommended actions/resources
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