"She is She" - book by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger

Please scroll down for resources to help you dig deeper into gender spectrum lies.


We are SOOOOO excited. Society needs our new book primarily for children ages 2-8 (or even older).  This project has been stirring in our hearts for years and is now becoming a reality. Our culture is broken and confused. Aside from abortion, nowhere is this confusion more evident than in our very core identity — our sex/gender. God created us male and female and with such beautiful and biological differences. And there are thousands of them. Children, tragically, have become the main target of LGBTQ+ and other “woke” activists who want to peddle political propaganda. But kids are not the testing ground for anyone’s emotional or sexual affirmation. Children deserve their innocence, and they deserve the truth.

Our first children’s book, PRO-LIFE KIDS!, explored what it means to be pro-life. SHE IS SHE explores what it means to be female…and love it! Through rhyme and super cute illustrations this book focuses on the lie of gender spectrum politics and illuminate what a girl truly is. It’s all about (undeniable, biological, beautiful) her!

Here’s the partial preview. ENJOY!



"She is She" by Bethany & Ryan Bomberger
"She is She" is available now!
"He is He" by Ryan & Bethany Bomberger
"He Is He" arrives June 2023!


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