We live in a universe that is intelligently designed and full of infinite beautiful possibility. There is a reason for everything and every thing has a reason. It’s very liberating to think we are created with a Purpose. It is why joy, sorrow, defeat and triumph have meaning. They are the tools to make us look, not solely inward, but outward to a Source that is calling us to be more than we ever thought we could be. God made a world that is interdependent. Simply put…we need each other. How much greater, faster, kinder, stronger, and better we become when we know that we are created, loved, and valuable.


Possible elements covered (depends on length/nature of event):

  • The Beauty of Purpose – Psalm 139
  • Ryan’s background story (Biological mother’s struggle)
  • Ryan’s academic/social/professional experiences
  • The Beauty of Healing – reaching out to post-abortive women and men to affirm there is always forgiveness, hope and healing
  • The Beauty of Adoption – shattering the myth of the “unwanted” child
  • The Beauty of Sacrifice – Purpose cannot exist without it
  • Abortion – the antithesis to Purpose
  • The Beauty of Justice
  • The Beauty of Possibility
  • Online Resources (if not an organization-specific event)
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