By Ryan Bomberger, Co-Founder of The Radiance Foundation

The best way to fool people about their present and future, is to downright lie about their past. This is what the abortion industry has to do in order to sell death as a phony “choice”. Black Americans have a long and tragic history in America that, despite deep-seated racism and eugenics (from organizations like Planned Parenthood), has led to many triumphs. The abolition of slavery, as celebrated across the country on Juneteenth (June 19th), was one such victory.

The Juneteenth holiday commemorates the emancipation of slaves in Texas in June of 1865, two years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Declaration. Each civil rights battle since then, though seemingly impossible, has resulted in the ability to live life more freely and less threatened by violence. These achievements could only result from a multi-racial coalition of Americans, black and white, dedicated to the righteous pursuit of human dignity and justice. And it was the Party of Lincoln (the Republicans for all of those revisionists out there) that fought for the freedom of Black Americans. It only took Democrats more than 100 years to catch up to the GOP’s civil rights fight for equality.

Roe v. Wade has made a mockery of Civil Rights history. By taking the very amendments that finally acknowledged black people as fully human (13th-15th Amendments), seven Supremely wrong justices somehow bizarrely stripped humanity from one class of people (the unborn) from laws that required bloodshed to give humanity to another class of people (black Americans). Simply read Section VIII of Justice Blackmun’s majority opinion that used the 14th Amendment to fabricate a Constitutional right to kill one’s child.

There are no two situations in American jurisprudence that mirror each other more exactly than slavery and abortion. As an abortion abolitionist (who happens to have brown skin) I see it so clearly. Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade are tragic reflections. Both were decided by seven male justices who concluded that certain humans weren’t equal and therefore the Constitution was inapplicable to them. This meant these non-citizens, non-persons, less-than-human-beings could be bought, sold, or killed. They were merely a commercial commodity. Slavery meet abortion—your judicial successor.

Abortion is civil rights gone wrong.

Abortion is a perversion and inversion of justice. Instead of protecting the weaker, it inflicts violence and death upon the defenseless. And history shows, irrefutably, that abortion does nothing to reduce poverty, healthcare disparities, or increase “access” to medical care. During the Obama administration, there were more people living in poverty in the U.S. today than ever before in the  years the US Census Bureau has been tracking this data. Poverty fell sharply between 1959 and 1964 without legalized abortion. Fatherlessness was considered rampant, then, when Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) sounded the alarm about 26% of births among black Americans were out of wedlock. Today it is 70.5%. There is not a single health “disparity” that has improved as a result of abortion. One of the biggest lies from Planned Parenthood and its progeny, the Guttmacher Institute, is that blacks have higher rates of abortion because they have higher rates of diabetes. This is completely and verifiably false. According to the CDC, white women have higher rates of diabetes during pregnancy than black women (6.2% of white mothers versus 5.8% of black mothers). We get it. Guttmacher is pro-abortion, and until a few years ago, was heavily funded millions of dollars by the organization that birthed it–Planned Parenthood. It’s why Guttmacher conjures up statistical voodoo in hopes that no one actually looks at the stats.

“The findings run counter to claims by antiabortion activists that high abortion rates among minorities are the result of supposed aggressive marketing by abortion providers to minority communities. Instead, disproportionately high rates of both unintended pregnancy and abortion are just one symptom of broader health disparities ranging from sexually transmitted infections to diabetes and heart disease.” – in report, ‘NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES NEEDED’

Facts matter. Statistics matter. History matters.

Abortion enslaves the black community. It does not liberate. It’s ironic that we, who were once considered less than human, now exercise this same oppressive mindset toward another class of people, the unborn. Women are remarkably resilient and resourceful, but misled by fake feminism into believing that they are empowered by viewing pregnancy (and men) as the enemy. Single women-led households contribute significantly to the overall poverty in the black community. The dissolution of the two-parent family (father/mother) has decimated the black community economically, morally, and psychologically. Once at 78% of all U.S. black households in 1950, married couples were estimated to comprise only 41% of black households (as of 2014). This disintegration of the foundation of any society allows predators like Planned Parenthood to seize on the vulnerability. The destructive behaviors that fill the vacuum shackle the black community in exponentially higher STD/HIV infection rates, ever-increasing “unintended” pregnancy rates, and epidemic levels of abortion as we see in NYC. In the center of the Planned Parenthood abortion empire, more black babies are aborted than born alive. In 2015 (the latest year reported) there were 1,039 aborted for every 1,000 born alive. The violence of abortion is not freedom; it’s genocide. Fannie Lou Hamer even said so.

We don’t need to repeat a history where a people are convinced that their worth isn’t worth protecting. Black Americans have endured the dehumanization of slavery and the horrid racism of eugenics-based social policies (Jim Crow Laws and anti-miscegenation laws). Our ancestors–such as Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and George Washington Carver–did not endure the hardships of a world of putrid racial hatred to see their posterity killing their posterity.

But this is what we have allowed to happen under the guise of “choice”. Roe v. Wade perverted the very constitutional amendments that finally recognized us, at least on paper, as fully human. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. The 14th Amendment made us citizens of this great country. And the 15th Amendment assured us that our voice would not be silenced, by allowing us (well, at least men) to vote. But the fight for our humanity didn’t end as Supremely wrong decisions continued to be made by 7 of out 9 justices, denying us our personhood. And despite the monumental Civil Rights Act of 1964, nine years later, the most dehumanizing and violent action against human life, Roe v. Wade, made a mockery of over a century of GOP-led Civil Rights victories.

Abortion enslaves.

There is no freedom where death is the solution to Life. There is no freedom in the mass abandonment by fathers. There is no freedom for women fooled into Abortion is injustice anywhere. WhatAbortionReallyIs.comthinking they’re empowered by reviling their beautiful biological nature. There is no freedom in a society (that includes all of us) that doesn’t value sexual self-control. There is no freedom in racial and gender animus that constantly tries to divide us. There is no freedom in silence.

The black community is in a crisis. Women from every background passionately prove to the world that there are life-affirming alternatives to “unplanned” pregnancies that don’t require the destruction of human life. Challenge the status quo! Don’t be fooled by the nation’s largest abortion chain that has done nothing to elevate the condition of the black community. Search their history, and you will understand their unaltered present course. Our churches, just like many during slavery, can remain silent as our future is being stolen away, over 2,500 lives per day. Or, they can pick up the mantle of a rich and relentless legacy of Civil Rights that demands something so much better of our humanity. Juneteenth is a moment to celebrate freedom from physical shackles. We still have to break free of ideological ones that diminish the liberation that happened over a century and a half ago.

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