Last month, we had the awesome privilege of working with (a California-based medical pregnancy clinic) and Bethany Christian Services (the nation’s largest adoption agency) to create new 30 second TV ads to promote adoption. The Radiance Foundation wrote, produced, and designed the series of 3 ads. Like-minded organizations can license the ads, starting next month, for only $500 per spot (an AMAZING deal that allows CPCs, PRCs, and adoption-related agencies to inexpensively promote adoption.) All licensing fees will go to and Bethany to help their incredible work in saving lives and helping children find forever families.

Expanding on this TV ad campaign, The Radiance Foundation is launching an initiative to promote more awareness about the beauty of adoption, Parenting isn’t always a viable option for some birth parents, and making such a decision is very difficult. What’s sadly missing from this conversation is the voice of those who’ve been adopted. As an adoptee (and adoptive father) I wanted to create a simple online resource where birth parents and prospective adoptive parents could hear the stories of adoptees and how they feel adopted and loved.

Working with visual storytellers, Vinegar Hill, we’re creating powerful awareness ads and video vignettes that tell the story of adoption from an adoptee’s perspective.

On November 4th, The Radiance Foundation will launch Here’s a sneak preview of someone who shares how he was adopted and loved. Meet Jonny Moses.

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