An excerpt from Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "THE REVOLUTION" w/ article entitled, "Child Murder"

An excerpt from Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s “THE REVOLUTION” w/ article entitled, “Child Murder”

Whoa. Is this true? Well, it depends on which kind of feminists we’re talking about. Founding feminists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton firmly believed that abortion is “infanticide”. Referring to one specific rural county in Maine, they decried that there were “four hundred murders annually produced by abortion in that county alone.”

“There must be a remedy even for such a crying evil as this,” the bold Anthony and Stanton declared in an article entitled, “Child Murder” (The Revolution, March 12, 1868, pg 146). These women, many of them proud mothers like Mrs. Stanton, embraced everything that made them women while fighting fearlessly for equality.

Today’s liberalism has rendered that true feminism nearly unrecognizable. Reason has been replaced by rage. Objection has been replaced by self-objectification. And liberty has been replaced by lies.

Liberal pro-abortion feminists, in this day and age of 24-7 exposition, are so eager to reveal their own intellectual and moral depravity. In a vapid piece on Raw Story, pro-abortion activist Amanda Marcotte whines about a non-existent double standard of “selfishness” because she wants to “have sex in every room of her house” without the natural result of pregnancy. Neither gender has a monopoly on selfishness. Women and men are both guilty in today’s increasingly sexually reckless and self-centered society. This narcissism becomes dangerous when another life has to be killed because these same self-proclaimed individuals (who demand collective government support via taxpayer funded abortions and birth control) can’t exercise self-control.

But liberal feminism has never been about self-control. It’s about thought control, speech control, and government MEME-WHM-EQUALITYcontrol to force everyone else to bow to their control (hello HHS Mandate). Marcotte prides herself in her so-called “free thinking” atheism, which unlike other atheists I know (Kelsey Hazzard), is devoid of any actual thought. She humanizes a cavity while dehumanizing an unborn (and born) human being. She’s free to think whatever she wants while those who actually employ critical thinking skills are free to expose her vulgar and vacuous rhetoric. Calling born children “time-sucking monsters” with all of their “neediness” shows us exactly how much “pro-choice” activists care for children after they’re born. Thanks, Amanda, for debunking one of your favorite bumper sticker mantras.

Marcotte is based in Brooklyn. New York is the home of Planned Parenthood and the grim statistical reality where more black babies are aborted than are born alive.  She and others herald this as “reproductive justice” not even seeing the inherent racism in such lunacy.

But she’s emblematic of an entire movement. Notice you don’t hear leading liberal feminists denounce her. She is, instead, celebrated for her inability to form a coherent argument. She rants about equality but only expresses enmity. Liberal feminism is a carcass that has lost most of its substance, its meat, its heart. The stench that rises from it is reminiscent of slave ships, of killing fields, of gulags, and of gas chambers. It reeks of death.

Rhetoric becomes action. And liberal feminism has put into action one of the most fatal forms of inequality our nation has ever known, bringing a violent end to the lives of over 56 million human beings since 1973.

What other form of social inequality allows for the death of another human being? The eradication of slavery in this great, yet flawed, country didn’t allow for the deliberate killing of slave masters, who were actually guilty parties responsible for widespread violence, oppression and death. Slaves didn’t become more equal by someone else’s basic human rights being stripped away. Only in liberal feminism is equality defined, or achieved, by the demonization and destruction of another human life.

CELEBRATE-THE-MOM-TRFThe late Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and first woman to become a surgeon at Boston University Hospital, didn’t align with such a malevolent mentality. She epitomized true feminism, like the leading feminists of the early 20th century.  “As a woman I’m ashamed that the voices raised loudest in this demand to destroy the unborn children of those of other women, are blinded by an all-absorbing selfishness. These women are trying to force society to grant them rights without the responsibilities that our social contract demands and privileges without the payment that our moral order commands.”

Dr. Jefferson, co-founder of the National Right to Life, knew a lot about inequality. She faced the evil of eugenic Jim Crow laws in her home state of Texas, fought elitism and sexism to make her incredible mark in history. She didn’t have to denigrate others. She didn’t have to rely upon gender animus. And she didn’t regard her own special life-giving biology as her enemy.

This month, many women will be celebrated by mainstream media, by academic institutions, by Hollywood and the music industry. We love the acknowledgment of history-makers, particularly those who elevate human dignity. May this serve as a Women’s History Month reminder to liberal feminists that whenever they celebrate a history-maker, they need to make sure they celebrate the mother who didn’t abort her.

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