Planned Parenthood, as usual, releases their 2020-2021 Annual Report in the dark of night (Friday, Sept 9th during the mass media coverage of the British monarchy). The abortion giant has made a killing during COVID. While their major medical services to women continue to plummet (this has gone on for over nearly two decades), their killing has increased. So has their profits. The Radiance Foundation will publish an Oped Ed on Monday, September 20th about Planned Parenthood making (millions of lives) history.

By Ryan Bomberger, Co-founder of The Radiance Foundation


But, but, but Planned Parenthood offers all these other services! That’s the battle cry from “pro-choice” activists across the nation in attempts to redefine what Planned Parenthood clearly is—a business that profits from killing. Last year they hit a record, violently ending the most lives ever in one year in their sordid history–354,871 precious and unrepeatable human beings. Don’t worry, COVID-19 didn’t hurt their bottom line. In fact, they seized on the opportunity given to them by many governors across the nation who closed millions of businesses and churches, but kept Planned Parenthood abortion mills open. And they received over $80 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans meant for small businesses, not a (corrupt) corporation that employs over 16,000 employees nationwide.

Anytime you get into a conversation about Planned Parenthood with an abortion activist, they try so hard to deflect from the abortion that actually defines the national federation. “It’s only 3 percent of their services”, many claim, especially their media allies, as they quickly talk about all the other “services” (without any statistics, of course) that the abortion giant barely profits from. What about those “other services” at Planned Parenthood? Well, they’re in a free fall just like mainstream media’s credibility. Breast cancer screenings…down 64% in the last ten years. Pap tests are down 65%. Prenatal care (which looks to be facing an eventual phase out) has plunged 73%.  All of these declines are reported by Planned Parenthood in their 2010 and 2020 annual reports.

You won’t hear that from America’s fake news outlets like MSNBC, CNN, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Bloomberg News, New York Times, HuffPo, LA Times and many more. All you hear is that undeniably distinct sound of cheerleading.

How many people reading this article have more than doubled their salaries in just a few years (at the same job, with a situation of drastically declining services and customers)? That’s exactly what has happened for Planned Parenthood’s former President, Cecile Richards. Despite a massive drop in Planned Parenthood’s patients (3 million in 2010 to 2.4 million in 2014), Richards got a massive raise! Despite huge declines in real medical services, she got an obscene $560,913 increase in her annual salary! In 2010, she was paid $397,039; in 2014, she was paid a whopping $957,952! Mo’ money, no matter what!

That’s one blood-stained gravy train.

Failure pays. Well, Planned Parenthood doesn’t see less healthcare as failure. Planned Parenthood-founded Guttmacher Institute provides the latest national stats on abortion–862,320 (from 2017). It’s hard to make exact calculations on abortion because there’s no federal law mandating reporting, the data is not provided annually, and most of the statistics come from severely ethically-challenged abortionists. That being said, Planned Parenthood has over 40% of what they call the “abortion market.” Abortion is their cash cow.

It’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood’s focus has been and continues to be on increasing its national “market share” of abortions. There was a brief moment when the short-lived PPFA President, Pamela Maraldo (a nurse by profession), tried to change the organization’s mission and have Planned Parenthood become a primary healthcare provider. According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) case study, this was due to severe declines in women of reproductive age (gee, wonder if abortion and birth control had anything to do with it) and the emergence of managed care in the 90s that threatened PPFA’s revenue base. “By the early 1990s, however, PPFA revenue growth had flattened, and beginning in 1993 the net margin had begun to decline,” according to the study. Because Planned Parenthood wasn’t part of managed care networks, they had increased competition for Medicaid patients and the threat of less state and federal funding, which had been (and still is) their lifeline.

“We’re scared. We’re anxious. We need a new strategic vision.” These were the words, according to the HBR, of an executive director describing the sentiment throughout the Planned Parenthood Federation. But they didn’t want the vision that Maraldo had. They rejected what was called the “Reinvention Plan” and Maraldo was given a vote of no confidence. She was forced to resign for daring to change the abortion chain’s mission. Board members complained about the prospect of turning into a real healthcare provider in a letter decrying the 68-page Reinvention Plan: “The word ‘abortion’ is mentioned only eight times and never in the discussion of our future.”

Well, Planned Parenthood and killing the unborn is like Andrew Cuomo and corruption—inseparable.

In 2020, the “nonprofit” reported $370.4 million in Health Services Revenue (page 27). Since taxpayer funding doesn’t pay for any abortions at PPFA (cough, cough, that’s a lie), the only line item that would include abortion revenue is Health Services income. Planned Parenthood reports that the cost of killing a baby in the first trimester can be up to $1500. More specific costs can be found here: from $435 to $955, from 4 weeks to 18 weeks gestation. (Note: PPFA doesn’t publicly report the age of the human beings they abort, so as with many unreported details, we have to estimate).  The average cost, assuming all PPFA abortions were first trimester (which they’re not) would be $967.50. So this cost times 354,871 abortions equals $343,337,691. That’s 93% of their health services revenue. We know PPFA does second trimester abortions. This brutality was bragged about by Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola in the Center for Medical Progress’ groundbreaking undercover video exposé.

Let’s not forget the bottom line. With less care and fewer patients, Planned Parenthood has increased its profits by 277% in the last ten years, from $18.5 million in 2010 to $69.7 million in  2020. This is thanks to the American taxpayer who is continually forced to fund a “non-profit” organization with $2.3 billion in assets. Their funding increased from $487 million in 2010 to $618 million in 2020 even though the abortion giant serves 600,000 less clients per year than a decade ago.

Their latest annual report also reveals this shocking truth: they spent over $240 million on lobbying/abortion activism, advertising, and fundraising. Why in the world are they getting any taxpayer money?

Since Richards’ reign, they’ve continually politicized breast cancer. She’s lied about PPFA providing mammograms as brilliantly displayed by Live Action in its viral Mammosham video. Her successors continued the propaganda, deflecting, distorting, and pretending that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading women’s healthcare organization. A two billion dollar “women’s health” organization doesn’t want to spend a dime on mammogram machines? Manual breast exams, which can be done at any real medical facility providing reproductive health care (like the 13,000 taxpayer-funded, federally qualified health centers found at, are plunging at the abortion chain. Ten years ago, there were 747,647 breast cancer screenings conducted at Planned Parenthood. In 2020, only 269,669 exams were provided. That’s 477,978 fewer screenings–a nearly half a million drop! Pap tests have plummeted by 496,779.  But notice what didn’t decline? The violence of abortion, of course.

The quickly aborted presidency of Dr. Leana Wen (after only 8 months at the helm) was filled with the same propaganda. She told CBS News that “she’s not an activist” yet she repeated the same activist lies. An emergency room physician by training, she proves that sometimes, doctors exploit, no matter what. (Learn more about her and the propaganda she proudly spread here.)

Now, Alexis McGill Johnson–the kind of activist that Planned Parenthood cultivates–is in charge. She bizarrely claims pro-life efforts to end the injustice of abortion are “the same as those who brought us poll taxes and literacy tests.” It was the Democrat Party that pushed the racist inequality of Jim Crow, and it’s the Democrat Party that pushes the fatal inequality of limitless abortion. She also penned an absurd OpEd in the Wall Street Journal, defending racist/eugenicist Margaret Sanger and calling the Pro-life Movement “racist.” That nonsense is shredded right here.

In the world of abortion activism, numbers don’t matter (unless you make them up). Facts don’t matter. History doesn’t matter. Feelings and fake feminism are all that matter.

Our nation needs to have an honest conversation about Planned Parenthood, free of the mainstream media’s blatant bias, free of the abortion giant’s hundreds of millions of election lobbying, advertising and fundraising, and free of the shouting from pro-abortion activists who defend something they know so little about.

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