The Radiance Foundation was founded by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger in 2009






“The challenge facing black America today is moral, not political. Abortion, AIDS, crime, poor education, family breakdown. These reflect poor personal decisions, not politics. The liberal worldview has no moral clarity when it comes to these issues as it has injected its venom into urban America for decades. The Radiance Foundation’s exposes this harmful ideology and the devastating repercussions that have left our inner-cities fatherless and made abortion the number one killer of black Americans.”–Star Parker, Founder & President of C.U.R.E. (Center for Urban Renewal Education) and syndicated columnist

“I have deep respect for how you make God’s grace visible in your design, audible in your music, tangible in your speaking and touchable in your family. I’m truly thankful to call you friends.” –Jedd Medefind, President of Christian Alliance For Orphans and author of “UPENDED”

“Your reflection on adoption is beautiful. The pro-life movement is so fortunate to have you among us, speaking this message, and also, of course, calling our attention to the terrible Black genocide. You do this in such a powerful way. God has gifted you mightily and sent you into this battle for such a time as this. I am honored to serve with you at this time in our history.” –Peggy Hartshorn, President of Heartbeat International (network of 1,100 affiliated pregnancy help centers)
“Children receive explicit sex education and are given contraception, birth-control, and abortions without parental notification or consent. I support The Radiance Foundation in creatively taking the initiative to educate parents and leaders in our communities.” –Dr. LaVerne Tolbert, Former Planned Parenthood NYC Board Member, Expert in Abstinence & Teen Pregnancy Prevention

“Thank you for your ministry and the work that you do. I am the mother of four children, three biological and one adopted. Our adopted daughter’s birth mom made the brave choice to carry her full term and gave us a precious gift. I will forever be grateful! We may never know the circumstances concerning her conception or decision to place her up for adoption. She was born and “abandoned” after birth. She came into our lives when she was 4 days old straight from the hospital where she was born and she is now 15 months. She is an absolute joy! My prayer is that so many other African-American girls would not abort their babies, but choose adoption as an alternative. We are an African-American family and love to encourage other African-American families to prayerfully consider adoption. God bless you in the work that you do! Keep doing what you do!” –Pam Andrews, via email

“Ryan is a driving force for the issues of life, as well as a creative genius in using the mediums of technology to present the issues of life to the public in a compelling and creative manner.” –Lawrence A. Breeden, Chief Operating Officer, CareNet (one of the world’s largest pregnancy care networks)

“Ryan’s personal story, combined with his powerful speaking style and keen intellect made for a compelling, informative and very inspiring lecture on adoption recently at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.. In what is more typically a reserved forum Ryan’s presentation solicited a passionate response from the full-house audience, including a standing ovation at the end.”
–Jeanne Monahan, Director, Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council

“Everyone was completely blown away by your presentation.” –Debra Burchfield, Hope Women’s Center 

“The Radiance Foundation offers information, education and solutions in a world where adoption is an option that is often overlooked; a bridge of hope to both birth mothers (and sometimes fathers) in need of support, and families desiring to adopt. The innovative and compassionate alternatives that Radiance shines the light upon are both promising and powerful.”–Dr. Alveda King, Founder King for America and Director of African America Outreach, Priests for Life


“That NPR segment yesterday was epic. Great job. Even with all the editing that took place as you described, you certainly “won” the debate. You offered new food for thought that most have not yet considered, which I think is the beauty of what the Radiance Foundation is doing.” –Ryan Bingham, Education and Outreach Coordinator for Hope Pregnancy Centers in Texas

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