SHINE - Community. Character. Compassion.

SHINE incorporates three crucial elements: Community…Character…Compassion.



Our first effort as The Radiance Foundation was rewarding people who help others to shine in their own community. Through our “WIN $500 ON PURPOSE” campaign, we asked people to nominate those who bring hope and healing to others. The amazing winners of our SHINE initiative exemplify the kind of people that we love to highlight in our presentations across the country. (See Alysia Crawford’s and Michele Struss’ stories).

Building strong character is what we emphasize through all of our efforts.  Character Development is the key element of our teen-oriented presentation: “Self-Control versus Remote Control”. We’ve had the opportunity to speak to thousands of student leaders across the country and discuss the rewards of integrity, honesty, hard work, faith, restraint, and service to others.

Salvation Army Youth Leadership Council

Ryan Speaks @ Salvation Army Youth Leadership Council

Truth must be told with compassion, and action should be rooted in the same.  The Radiance Foundation balances delivering the bold truth with understanding and mercy. Without apology we expose the lies that keep us from pursuing our God-given Purpose.

Whether reaching out to those whose lives have been ravaged by drugs, or the single mother who fights against all odds to provide a great life for her and her child or the young professional who feels the painful emptiness amidst financial “success”, we will personally step in to help uncover their Purpose. We see beyond the circumstances at what God sees–beautiful possibility. DONATE TODAY to help others shine!

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