“He whose spirit is uncontrolled is like an unwalled town which has been broken into.”  – Proverbs 25:28

Step right up to the greatest fight of your life: the daily battle that happens within yourself.  Our youth, today, are rarely challenged to exercise one of humankind’s greatest strengths–self control. Instead, the bar is lowered, and many allow their thought-life and actions to be controlled by forces outside of themselves, giving in to every temptation and whim.

Self-control is a vital component of successful living.  Holding every thought captive is necessary to prevent ever-shifting external circumstances from feeding one’s heart and mind discouragement and defeat. We explore this life-long fight and how Self-Control builds young women and men of character.


Possible topics of discussion are:

  • The World Without Self-Control: A Statistical View
  • Character Building is not by accident
  • Moral clarity when everything seems grey
  • Inspiring stories of those who embraced Self-Control
  • Lack of discipline and willpower
  • Reacting to outside stimuli without thinking first
  • The Benefits of self-restraint
  • Maintaining a higher tolerance for frustration, obstacles and negative emotions
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