Abortion is fake health.

Only in the world of abortion activism is violently induced death considered healthcare. Fake feminism has led millions to believe that justice is when the strong prevail over the weak. Pro-abortion politicians claim to fight for equality, but only promote enmity between two human beings that are biologically designed to be connected—mother and child.

Lately, pro-abortion activists are amping up their War Against Pregnancy. They have powerful allies in public education, #fakenews media, Hollywood, the music industry, Bible-evading churches and even professional medical associations.

Let’s keep in mind, medical professionals have broken the trust of the public and exploited unsuspecting victims many times. They’ve conducted heinous acts in the name of science throughout history (like Shark Island, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Nazi Science Experiments, Gosnell’s Supercoil Experiment, Puerto Rico Birth Control Experiment, Philadelphia Prison Experiments, Children with Cerebral Palsy at Sonoma State Hospital, University of Iowa ‘Monster Study’, and so many more).

So, let’s disabuse ourselves of the notion that medical science is always ethical. Human beings and institutions, especially those that profit from killing innocent human beings, always need to be held accountable. In the case of Planned Parenthood, which violently kills 881 human beings every single day (321,384 total eliminated in their last reported year), the abortion profiteer needs to be defunded and abolished.

There is virtually no accountability for the abortion industry, which fights tooth and nail to self-police its business of butchery. 

Pro-abortion activists now want to parade around with #FakeClinic signs in front of pregnancy care centers repeating every possible lie they can from NARAL ProChoice America? The hanger-waving radical pro-abortion group knows a lot about lying. It’s who they are. It’s why their co-founder, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, called them out for deliberate deception about abortion statistics to sell the lie of abortion to the American public. Dr. Nathanson, once responsible for overseeing 75,000 abortions (5,000 he committed himself including the abortion of his own child) became pro-life and spent the rest of his life educating and unequivocally proclaiming that “all abortion is violence”. 

That violence, under the unconstitutional guise of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, has taken the lives of hundreds of mothers and 60 million defenseless human beings. 

Abortion is not healthcare. So, if we want to talk about #fakeclinics, let’s talk about Planned Parenthood’s 600 abortion centers and the hundreds of other independently owned abortion mills across the country which constantly fight every effort to be held to regular medical standards. They carry out their own self-imposed #globalgagrule every day, because they don’t trust women with the truth about abortion.

Any self-proclaimed “leading women’s healthcare organization” that pretends we haven’t known for over a century when human life begins isn’t exactly very sciency. Former Planned Parenthood President and founder of the Guttmacher Institute, Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher, declared in his 1933 book Life In The Making that life begins at conception. Clearly, today’s pro-abortion activists haven’t gotten that memo.

“Having an abortion doesn’t increase your risk for breast cancer or affect your fertility. It doesn’t cause problems for future pregnancies like birth defects, premature birth or low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or infant death.” This blatant dishonesty is from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading #fakehealth network. 


First trimester induced abortion is a “known immutable medical risk factor associated with preterm birth” according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science. Although they did stick this inconvenient truth onto page 625 of a 772 page study, “Preterm Births: Causes, Consequence, and Prevention”. 

meta-analysis of 49 studies, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, shows a “statistically significant increase in PTB [preterm birth] risk in women with a history of IA [induced abortion].”

According to the CDC, 17% of infant deaths in the United States are due to preterm births and low birth weight . “Babies born too early (especially before 32 weeks) have higher rates of death and disability,” explains the CDC. Those who survive preterm births often experience breathing problems, feeding difficulties, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, vision and hearing problems. Out of 23,455 infant deaths in 2015, there were 4,084 deaths due to “disorders related to short gestation and low birth rate.”

Studies have shown preterm births among black women are three times higher than whites and Hispanics. The CDC reports that black women’s abortion rates are three times higher than whites. So what does Planned Parenthood do? In its typical racially targeting manner, the billion-dollar abortion giant tweeted: “If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth.” By the way, if President Trump had tweeted that, there would’ve been an absolute national #fakenews media uproar and charges of “white supremacy” and “racism”. But since an organization that kills (disproportionately black lives) for a living said it, “Go Feminism!”


“Specifically, older age, family history of breast cancer, earlier menarche age, induced abortion, and OC [oral contraceptive] use were associated with an increased risk of breast cancer,” concluded a landmark 2009 study conducted by the National Cancer Institute’s own (now retired) branch chief, Louise Brinton. The study, Risk Factors for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in Women Under Age 45 is completely suppressed by the National Cancer Institute. The taxpayer-funded governmental agency falsely claims there are no valid studies on the link between induced abortion and breast cancer (ABC link) since the 1990s (which they claim are all flawed). There are 29 studies from 2000-2018 that show a positive correlation between abortion and breast cancer, the majority (18) of which are statistically significant.

Brinton’s research shows a 40% increase in breast cancer risk with a previous induced abortion, yet her own agency denies the facts. Many medical professionals would rather play politics than present preciseness. The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, founded by Drs. Angela Lanfranchi (a breast surgeon), Joel Brind, John T. Brchalski and William L. Toffler, provides an exhaustive list of peer-reviewed studies that debunk the political position of the NCI. 


Let’s remember that Planned Parenthood founder and leading eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, defined birth control like this: “Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives.” This is just vile. The nation’s largest abortion chain, spawned in eugenic racism and elitism, thought they could, and should, control the population. So the next time someone tries to claim birth control is about women’s rights, let’s remember the pseudoscience that motivated the mother of the movement. 

Actual science has never been the abortion industry’s foundation. Deception and exploitation are its DNA. Shouldn’t women know that if they’re taking oral contraceptives under the age of 18, they increase their risk of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)—the most aggressive form of breast cancer—by 270%? Shouldn’t they know if they’ve been taking OC for 3-6 years, it increases their TNBC risk by 180%? This is from the same NCI study that reported that induced abortion is associated with increased TNBC. 


Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood constantly likes comparing the abortion of a child to having a tooth pulled, there are no support groups for those who’ve had their wisdom teeth yanked. But there are many networks of post-abortive ministries dedicated to help, heal and restore women and men devastated by the irreplaceable loss abortion causes. Wisdom illuminates that an abortionist killing someone’s unborn child will have adverse effects. And science reveals that truth. In a study published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, 73.8% of post-abortive women surveyed “experienced at least subtle forms of pressure to terminate their pregnancies.” Another 58.3% reported having an abortion to “make others happy”. Sixty-six percent “knew in their hearts that they were making a mistake.” How could there not be consequences? According to another study on Abortion and Mental Health, there was a drastic 81% increased risk of mental health problems, with nearly 10% directly attributed to abortion. 

Despite the distortions of “professional” medical organizations like the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Americans need to realize that politics often trumps principles, like adherence to sound scientific evidence. (By the way, I highly recommend The American College of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or AAPLOG, for the scientific facts about abortion and reproductive health.) Pro-abortion organizations like APA and ACOG align with an industry that is willing to accept any collateral damage in order to protect an abortionist’s unrestricted “right”, up until the moment of birth, to kill someone’s child. Pro-abortion activists work zealously to anesthetize the public to what abortion really is—a violent and corrupt billion dollar business merely posing as healthcare.

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