We hear the anthem cry: “Black Lives Matter!” But which ones matter to a self-proclaimed Marxist movement that wants to build “black power”?

Not the unborn. Not the mothers exploited or killed by the abortion industry. Not the black officers killed while protecting human life. Not the black students forced into failing public schools. Not the black fathers ignored by the BLM movement. Not the black children languishing in foster care.

Chanting a hashtag is much easier than living out a principle.

The Radiance Foundation is passionate about providing context to bring clarity. Less activism. More Factivism.

In this controversial interactive presentation (controversial only because it shreds political correctness while focusing on moral correctness), Ryan will explore:

  • Truth Matters: Not My Truth or Your Truth…Just The Truth
  • What is the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • What is Systemic Racism
  • Justice Matters
  • The Distortions of Fake News and “Social Justice” rhetoric
  • The Leading Killer of Black Lives
  • History Matters: Slavery & Eugenics
  • Planned Parenthood and the KKK
  • Gosnell and the Silence of the Racialists
  • Mothers Matter: How Big Abortion Exploits Women
  • Black Genocide and the Black Leaders Who Fought It
  • Civil Rights Gone Wrong
  • The Con of Reproductive Justice
  • Trying to Change the Narrative
  • Dads Matter
  • Education Matters: Booker T. Washington
  • Redemptive Justice: Reclaiming the Narrative
  • Actions Matter: Resources and more



Civil Rights Gone Wrong

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