Mainstream media has an undeniable affinity with martial arts. Over the past year, we’ve seen some of the most ferocious journalistic jujutsu in our lifetime. Shocking undercover videos are released revealing the true essence of Planned Parenthood—a cold, callous, commercial abortion and human-parts trafficking chain—and America’s news media can’t move quickly enough to spar with the messengers. It’s all just a hoax! Planned Parenthood said so. And every news network is quick to rally to the abortion giant’s defense…one of the only times the liberal MSM will defend capitalism and corporate America.

Planned Parenthood is Planned Propaganda. And we expose them. This multimedia presentation discusses:

  • Planned Parenthood’s birth in eugenic racism and elitism
  • What Everyone Should Know about Margaret Sanger
  • Their Annual Numbers
  • The Big Fat 3% Lie
  • The “1 in 5 Women” Myth
  • How PPFA has defrauded Medicaid, Title-X and other taxpayer-funded programs of millions
  • Racial Targeting and “Reproductive Justice”
  • The Lack of Access Myth
  • The Infamous Website Hack
  • Their “Comprehensive Sex Education”
  • Demonizing Adoption
  • Exploiting (and not reporting) Rape
  • Abortion and Legalizing Prostitution
  • LGBTQ and Big Abortion
  • Wanting to be a “Kick Butt Political Organization”
  • How We Counter the Propaganda
  • The Possiblity Quotient SM

Fake Feminism

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