Fatherhood begins in the womb. It’s not just a campaign theme, but it’s a biological and sociological reality. Despite the propaganda of faux feminism, there are three lives involved–mother, father and child. In the U.S. 85% of all abortions are unmarried women, with many claiming they are either pressured to abort by the father of the child or left without support by the father. We have a massive exodus of men in this culture, in part, due to a destructive ideology that thinks men are replaceable. No one is elevated by 41% of all U.S. children being born to unmarried mothers. In the black community, 72.3% of all children are born in homes without fathers (compared to 35.7% of white children). Fatherlessness is epidemic in our culture. Courageous pro-life women understand this. Children understand this and feel the devastation of father absence every day. Women are remarkable and incredibley resourceful, but they were never meant to play the role of both mother and father.

This campaign was the result of a collaborative effort between Walter Hoye (Issues4Life Foundation) and The Radiance Foundation. Billboard campaigns were launched in California, New Jersey, and Virginia. The public response was incredibly positive and gave voice to men who felt shut out of an issue that biologically (and logically) includes both women and men.


  • Billboards
  • Website
  • Bus Shelter Posters
  • Interior Bus Posters
  • Lightrail Shelter Posters
  • Large Posters
  • 4″x6″ Postcards
  • Church Bulletin Inserts
  • Door Hangers
  • Stickers
  • Resource Guide PDFs
  • Social Media Memes


We partnered with local grassroots organizations and churches. We held large-scale events on college campuses and churches in the area.


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