In New York City, home to Planned Parenthood, more black babies are aborted than born alive. The black community is the only demographic where there are more induced deaths than births. So-called “reproductive justice” activists praise this grim reality and insist that killing human life is crucial for personal “autonomy”. Planned Parenthood’s defenders can only chant: “Lack of Access!” How is there lack of access when abortion rates in the black community are up to five times higher? Sadly, there is a prevalent lack of access to the truth. It’s not poverty, it’s not lack of insurance that drives the higher abortion rates. Hispanics have higher poverty and uninsured rates than blacks, in NYC, yet the black abortion rate is twice as high as Hispanics. Activists are always talking about racism, but ignore the systemic racism in an industry that kills millions–disproportionately black.

Planned Parenthood was birthed in eugenic racism, by its founder Margaret Sanger. The billion-dollar abortion chain celebrates Sanger today, awarding “journalists” and celebrities with the annual Margaret Sanger Award for promoting the abortion business. They’ve never severed their ties with the elitism and racism of that vile pseudoscientific worldview.

Planned Parenthood tweets about #BlackLivesMatter. They are the leading killer of unarmed black lives. Perpetually lost in mainstream media’s coverage of the abortion debate is the existence of help and hope for women and their children (born and unborn). What about all of the life-affirming resources that are available to women like free pregnancy centers and maternity homes as well as comprehensive real healthcare from taxpayer medical facilities that don’t kill human beings? Abortion activists demonize the many choices that give life to mother and child.

Civil rights champions, throughout American history, didn’t sacrifice their blood, sweat, tears and even their own lives for us to kill our future. We live in an age of Civil Rights Gone Wrong, where only some black lives matter.

When our “Black & Beautiful” billboard campaign was launched in the San Francisco bay area, it was furiously denounced by liberal legislators (like Barbara Lee) and by the NAACP. The once-great civil rights organization called it “horribly racist” and that it “gave the false impression that Planned Parenthood kills black babies”.  That’s exactly what they do…as well as white babies, brown babies…babies of every hue who are merely dollar signs for the billion-dollar abortion chain.


  • Billboards
  • Website
  • 4″x6″ Postcards
  • Door Hangers
  • Stickers
  • Resource Guide PDFs
  • Social Media Memes


We partnered with local grassroots organizations and churches. We held large-scale events on college campuses and churches in the area.

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