There are some things in life that are just painfully oxymoronic. Political correctness.  Government transparency. NPR fairness. Bureaucratic efficiencies. And one of the examples most disturbing to me: “pro-choice” adoption agencies.

"No Such Thing As Unwanted" by The Radiance FoundationNew York based Spence-Chapin is such an agency. Specializing in newborn adoptions, this pro-abortion adoption agency staunchly supports the nation’s largest abortion chain. They agree with Planned Parenthood’s warped philosophy that “unintended” equals “unwanted” equals “unloved”.Yet they place 66 children a year that are, according to Planned Parenthood, “unwanted”.

One can’t dispel a myth by supporting the lie. Spence-Chapin launched an effort in 2010, heralded of course by the New York Times, to try to claim the adoption mantle called the Adoption Access Network, a coalition of pro-abortion adoption agencies. Unlike Bethany Christian Services, the nation’s largest adoption agency and champion of the belief that “every life a promise”, the Adoption Access Network gives death by abortion and the option of adoption the same moral equivalence.  A child’s chances of survival are just a lot better with agencies like Bethany that fully support life.

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), too, operates in an unholy alliance of abortion and adoption. Despite the assertion that they exist to “provide all children with a chance to thrive and success as part of a family”, their advocacy of abortion prevents millions from being given any chance to live, let alone thrive. Linda Spears, CWLA’s Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs, was directly asked about the glaring contradiction, and she responded:

“We have relationships and partnerships with many different organizations that help vulnerable children succeed. That does not mean we agree (or disagree) with every position or opinion of these organizations.”

So, by aborting children, Planned Parenthood helps vulnerable children succeed? Her evasive and odd response revealed her inability to defend the indefensible. Abortion is not a position or an opinion taken by Planned Parenthood. It’s an action: one that generates over $200 million dollars in revenue for the so-called “nonprofit” organization.

Yet CWLA has lobbied to protect Planned Parenthood’s corporate welfare through our tax dollars. "Planned Parenthood Wants Your Baby Dead" by The Radiance Foundation How does an agency charged with the welfare of children support an abortion industry giant that propagandizes the public that children born out of “unintended” pregnancies are a burden on society, will be more abused than “planned” children, will be unwanted, and will end up as criminals? They also regularly dehumanize the very children in the foster care system (who are the result of “planned” and “unplanned” pregnancies) who are merely waiting to be loved, not demonized.  Planned Parenthood’s actions and foundational philosophy, inspired by its founder Margaret Sanger, are the antithesis to child welfare.

The Radiance Foundation and our abortion awareness effort,, are committed to exposing the truth. Abortion apologists, including AAN and CWLA will defend Planned Parenthood by pointing out all of the “other services” they provide. No amount of seeming beneficence makes up for the killing that is the abortion giant’s lifeblood. Even the KKK runs food drives.

There can never be harmony between child welfare agencies and the purveyors of abortion.  Don’t be fooled by their methods of mass distraction. Pro-abortion adoption agencies are as duplicitous as the Democrat party’s claim to the civil rights mantle. “Pro-choice, pro-child” mantras from “pro-choice” adoption agencies are about as ridiculous as Democrats in 1865, fighting the 13th Amendment, claiming “pro-slavery, pro-slave!”  In both cases, the obvious oxymorons are simply incompatible.


UPDATE:  The Adoption Access Network is inaccessible. It folded in less than a year. It appears it was more of a desperate PR attempt to pretend that abortion mills place the same value on adoption as they do abortion. Adoption makes them zero profit. Killing thousands of human lives each year generates hundreds of millions in profit for Planned Parenthood alone. 

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