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PLEASE VISIT OUR ADOPTION AWARENESS INITIATIVE:  Millions have experienced the beauty of adoption over this past century.  Yet very few people understand the reality of how adoption UNLEASHES the Possibility of not just the child, but the family and the community…and sometimes, the world. Sacrifice is at the heart of adoption, and the reward is great.  This presentation illuminates adoption, dispels myths, shares moving personal stories, and provides potential adoptive parents tools and online resources to discover how adoption can change lives.


Possible elements covered (depends on length/nature of event):

  • Adoption unleashes Justice.
  • Biblical basis of adoption as essence of salvation
  • Societal responsibility – True Social Justice
  • Adoption unleashes Hope
  • Adoption stats in local area/nationally
  • Adoption unleashes Purpose
  • Adoptees who’ve changed history
  • Adoption unleashes Love
  • The Myth of the “Unwanted”
  • Inspirational Adoptive Parents and Adoptees
  • Fostering Hope – The Need for Foster Care
  • Online and Local Resources
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