Does creativity beg to burst from your soul? We know the feeling. We are designed to create and communicate. And some of us communicate through design. It has to be intentional, revelational, and transformational. Ryan, as an award-winning creative professional, knows how important and hard it can be to connect to your intended audience. He’s been involved in many projects that have been immensely successful and wants to share the fun and frustrating process of creativity.


Possible topics covered (depends on length/nature of event):

  • The Purpose of Design
  • Design is not an after-thought
  • It’s all about demographics
  • One size doesn’t (always) fit all
  • Mood Boards vs. Bored Moods
  • Case Studies: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  • The Cost of Ignoring Creative Possibilities
  • Individual Inspiration: How to Get Inspired
  • The Joy of Creative Connection
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