Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, in our soundbite driven society, have been reduced to “I Have a Dream”. Deep in the text of this landmark speech are words that our country, sadly enough, is distancing itself from under the guise of diversity.  While cultural diversity is beautiful, the lack of focus on our commonalities causes needless disunity and fragmentation. We’re afraid to talk about race, unsure of which label is current and ‘PC’, and avoid meaningful conversations that bring us closer to useful understanding and action.  This presentation provides a constructive dialogue.


Possible topics covered (depends on length/nature of event):

  • Romans 2:11
  • Being black and white in a grey world
  • The Boy Who Cried Discrimination
  • White Guilt (Tim Wise, Shelby Steele)
  • Racial common sense (Thomas Sowell, Star Parker, MLK)
  • Post-Racial nonsense
  • Transracial Adoption, Interracial Dating/Marriage
  • The Great American Melting Pot – a myth?
  • “Can’t we all get along?”  Not if we can’t face the truth.
  • Reconciliation (or harmony) is at the heart of scripture
  • Black Liberation Theology – does it liberate?
  • KISS-from a child’s perspective
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