My Reflection And Misdirection (For Women)

Every woman should understand the power behind what others have spoken over you, to you and into you.  Words can actually make you see yourself for something completely opposite than what God created you.  Our reflection often causes serious misdirection, and we need to see the true image of who we are. Through the filter of Truth, we see a clearer reflection of what God sees.  Sometimes our past is full of flawed reflections that have profoundly influenced our present, keeping us from living out the beautiful destiny meant for each of us.  Filled with personal stories of triumph, “My Reflection And Misdirection” is a powerfully moving and life-changing presentation for women.


Possible topics covered (depends on length/nature of event):

  • The Power of Rejection
  • Sticks and Stones aren’t as painful as Words
  • Abortion Affects Us All
  • Intrinsic Beauty (Psalm 45:11)
  • Abortion Affects Us All
  • Neural Development and Biblical Principles
  • Embracing Your God-given Destiny
  • Online Resources
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