"She is She" by Bethany & Ryan Bomberger

Our culture is broken and confused. Aside from abortion, nowhere is this confusion more evident than in our very core identity — our gender. God created us male and female and with thousands of beautiful and biological differences.  So our second illustrated children’s book, SHE IS SHE, will celebrate being female. The book will focus on the lie of gender spectrum politics and illuminate the beauty of what a girl is. It’s pro-identity, pro-life, pro-common sense.

It’s all about undeniable, biological, beautiful her!

BOOK IS AVAILABLE NOW! Learn more here. Click below to see partial preview (if on mobile device, hold it in landscape position).

Budget goal: BOOK RELEASED!

"He is He" by Ryan & Bethany Bomberger

Of course, we HAVE to celebrate how great it is to be a boy, too! So, our HE IS HE children’s book will be released in late summer 2023. In a culture that makes being masculine toxic, we applaud what it means to be a male. The book will focus on the daily diet of confusion and chaos our culture tries to feed our boys and illuminate eternal truths about the first gender. It’s pro-identity, pro-fatherhood, pro-common sense.

It’s all about undeniable, biological, lovable him!

Pre-orders are being taken now here. LAUNCH DATE: August/Sept 2023.

Budget goal: $30k

Our ground-breaking children’s book, PRO-LIFE KIDS!, is the only one of its kind. We’ve received many requests for a book for the youngest ages. So, we’re excited to release a baby board book version. It will be available early 2023.

Budget goal: $20k

ad campaigns

Since the Dobbs decision, 14 states have banned abortion. We still have a loooong way to go in Post-Roe America to change hearts and minds. We would love to expand a messaging campaign we began in Boston, MA and take it to major cities across the country. Our LIFE HAS PURPOSE campaign promotes bold, life-affirming messages as they challenge the status quo in radically pro-abortion states. We specifically want to mainly target the following states: DC, CA, NY, IL, VT, MI, PA, KS, NJ, OR, WA and MA. The initiative would consist of billboard ads, social media ads and local cable TV animated spots. LAUNCH DATE: January 2023 (and will run in different cities throughout the year)

Budget goal: $300k

"Don't Erase Women" by The Radiance Foundation

There is a bizarre effort to erase women and to demean motherhood. LGBT and abortion activists have, literally, replaced “women” with labels that deny the uniqueness and even the very existence of the second gender: “pregnant people”, “birthing people”, “people with periods”, and “menstruating people”. Our #DontEraseWomen campaign will highlight how radical the abortion industry, medical associations and politicians have become in an effort to bow to LGBT pseudoscience. The effort to erase the most objective truths about ourselves must be challenged. A campaign website, (which currently goes to our OpEd of the same name) will be created to promote the science and common sense truths about women. LAUNCH DATE: Summer 2023.

Budget goal: $150k

Racism is sin. Exploiting it is too. Our #OneHumanRace campaign will highlight the destructive nature of racism and challenge fraudulent anti-racism/Critical Race Theory worldviews. Rooted in Acts 17:26, this life-affirming, hope-filled, Biblically sound ad campaign will focus on unity. LAUNCH DATE: Juneteenth (tentative)

Budget goal: $150k

exposing planned parenthood video series

We’ve been fighting Planned Parenthood since we first began in 2009. Our pro-life billboard campaigns led the abortion giant to produce a 20-minute documentary (we call it a crockumentary) to denounce our factivism. They singled us out as a threat. They held a national conference of journalists and bloggers in their NY headquarters to strategize how to counter our messaging. We won’t relent. In 2023, we’re going to launch a video/ad series that exposes Planned Parenthood’s propaganda. The $2.3 billion abortion chain is gaining in influence in Hollywood, Corporate America and even unbiblical churches. We will educate and inspire the public to see the predatory industry for what it is, while highlighting the incredible resources/help available in over 2,700 pregnancy centers across the country. Launch Date: September 2023

Budget goal: $50k

See examples of our other animated videos.

online micro-learning series

For years, the Radiance Foundation has keynoted 55-60 events every year in diverse settings: colleges, pregnancy center banquets, churches, Supreme Court rallies, Capitol Hill briefings, conferences and more. We want to shift our paradigm to creating more micro-learning content that can be accessible by more than just a singular event. Each year we’ve brought in over $300k in speaking fees, but would love to exponentially increase our revenue by launching our L.I.F.E. Principles series that tackle culture-shaping issues: abortion, adoption, fatherlessness, parental rights, school choice, gender ideology, religious liberty, free speech and more. Videos will be supplemented with group study/discussion guides.

Budget goal: $80k

adoption fund

The Henry & Andrea Bomberger Adopted and Loved Fund was launched to help families provide forever homes for vulnerable children. Created to honor the legacy of Ryan Bomberger’s father, Henry Bomberger, the fund will directly fund the adoption process for thirteen families each year (to represent the thirteen children in the Bomberger family). Every cent given to this fund will go directly to families. Our first grant has been given to Tanner and Angela Cross. Tanner was the Loudoun County Public Schools teacher who spoke at a school board meeting saying he “loved his students to much to lie to them by calling a boy a girl and a girl a boy.” He was fired the next day but a state judge and the VA Supreme Court reinstated him. Each year, we would love to issue grants of (at least) $10,000 to Christian families seeking to adopt. There is an application and vetting process, and our Board votes on every submission.

Annual Budget goal: $250k

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