2011: Looking Back at a Year of Liberation

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This has been a year of liberation. The abortion industry has been challenged, like never before, by women and men passionate about protecting all life.

The Radiance Foundation, a nonprofit founded by my wife Bethany and I, is one of many dedicated life-affirming organizations fighting this David versus Goliath battle. So many people ask us in our events on college campuses, in churches, at conferences, and even in community outreaches how they can get involved. Often, the mindset is that one has to be involved in a big organization or have lots of financial undergirding to make an impact.

Reaching someone’s heart simply takes passion. Changing that heart is God’s forte.

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As parents of four young children, two of which are adopted, we had that passion. Many warned us that leaving full-time work for full-time nonprofit work in a down economy was crazy. Well, we’ve always been a little crazy…willing to take risks…willing to sacrifice the conventional for the transformational.

If you’re passionate about saving beautiful possibility, protecting the lives of women and their unborn children, you’re invited to grab some stones.

The Radiance Foundation has been fighting giants all year long. From mainstream media bias (e.g. NPR), to relentless personal attacks from pro abortion groups, to surreal protesters chanting “Trust Black Women” as they refused to allow black women in the crowd to speak, our five smooth stones have been hitting the mark, every time. From speaking to audiences across Ireland (where abortion is banned and maternal mortality is lowest in world) to taking on Planned Parenthood with creative campaigns statistically armored to the hilt, we’ve faced Goliath.

And we haven’t flinched.

The ACLU and the nation’s oldest civil rights organization have denounced us. We thanked them.

Planned Parenthood has called two national conferences to combat our TooManyAborted.com billboard/web campaigns, revealing how easy it is to get “media” in bed with them. All the public got from these pro-abortion pep rallies was more certifiable mythomania.

Goliath is falling. Fast.

Planned Parenthood hired a new director of their Negro Project 2.0 (okay, so they call her their Director of African-American Media). In true Sanger form, they’re doubling down on their propaganda in order to use Veronica Byrd to target those still considered “unfit”.  Sanger, whose own autobiography boasted of the fact she spoke to a racist gathering of KKK automatons, is somehow not racist. But black civil rights leaders who decry the alarming rate of abortion in the black community (e.g. 60% of black pregnancies end in abortion in NYC) are the racists in the bizarre inverted world of “prochoice”.

Undaunted by the giants around us, we’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands about the beauty of possibility, taking on issues of racial reconciliation, pop culture and pluralism, parenting, abortion and adoption. In a previous LifeNews.com article, we even raised the ire of a Child Welfare League executive for challenging how they could simultaneously claim to protect vulnerable children yet lobby for the killer of millions of children, Planned Parenthood.  We just call it like we see it. We do the research; abortion apologists will always find a self-satisfying excuse devoid of truth.

Some of the most “unplanned” moments in life are the most incredible.  Abortion denies possibility and snuffs out purpose, every single day.

“Prochoice” ideology, rooted in the indefensible destruction of innocent life, will continue to have its darkness illuminated by those passionate about ending today’s most heinous human rights atrocity—abortion. Watch out; 2011 was the year of liberation. 2012 may just be the year of abolition.

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  • Rick Howland

    Veteran Black pro-lifer (25 years). I do a broadcast on Sunday evenings in Louisville, Ky. Please check it out on http://www.970wgtk.com. It is podcast from that site so it is available 24/7. WGTK is a Salem Radio Network station. I would love to have you as a guest. Please contact me at my above e-mail address. God Bless you.
    Rick Howland

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