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In 2009, The Radiance Foundation was born out of a passion to bring healing to the broken. Little did Bethany and I know the media frenzy that would result from simply telling the truth. The campaign we created (a response to the often spoken, often meaningless rhetoric that there are “too many abortions” and “we need to reduce abortions”) was born. We were immediately thrown into a public arena where we found ourselves fighting giants–political, financial, and immoral. Our partnership with Catherine Davis and Georgia Right to Life (they paid for the billboards) literally made history. No one had ever launched an ad campaign that illuminated abortion’s impact on the black community in the 38 years since Roe v. Wade. And the simultaneous effort to promote life-affirming solutions, like adoption, through continues to force liberal media off their predictable scripts.

Being black and prolife is a political rarity, according to abortion apologists. But as with everything else related to abortion and adoption, they ignore history and grossly distort the facts. Black prolife pioneers like Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Dr. Johnny Hunter, Rev. Walter Hoye, Dr. Alveda King, Catherine Davis, Rev. Arnold Culbreath, Pastor Stephen Broden, Day Gardner, Rev. Dean Nelson and many others have worked tirelessly, for decades, to wake up our society.

The alarm has been sounded.

And Planned Parenthood is on the defensive. In the past year, they’ve called at least two national conferences (these are the only two we know of) in order to combat our “Endangered Species”/ campaign. Mark Crutcher’s incredibly well-produced Maafa21 documentary (which I hadn’t even seen until AFTER I created the “Endangered Species” campaign) is unquestionably a work of historical accuracy and tragedy and a huge thorn in the nation’s largest abortion chain’s side. It lays out a past that Planned Parenthood cannot deny; so it attacks us through the largely pro-abortion media. Read through our and you’ll see the media’s blatant advocacy of Planned Parenthood. But there have been some journalistic attempts at fairness (LA Times, AP, JET, FoxNews). Regardless of mainstream media’s bias, we have the truth and growing numbers on our side.

The Radiance Foundation promotes God-given Purpose in everything that we do. Abortion is the antithesis to Purpose. We have to expose it for the injustice and destructive force that it is, regardless of race. While passionately promoting adoption, we have been able to help reshape the debate–one that Planned Parenthood is too afraid to have. We have history, science, and today’s tragic stats to bolster a prolife worldview. They have $1 billion in assets to obfuscate and propagandize.

We’re fighting giants–spiritual, emotional and ideological. But we know where our strength comes from, and we will not stop exposing Planned Parenthood and those who profit from the death of the innocent. Abortion affects us all, and our efforts will continue to cherish and protect the would-be mother, father and unborn child.

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