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The Radiance Foundation was honored to be a part of CareNet’s Leaders In Life Summit in DC last week. It was a powerful time of discussion, information, and expert opinion on the epidemic of abortion and the crucial role of pregnancy centers in urban America. Black pastors from across the country attended and were, as Bishop Gerald Glenn confessed, “ashamedly enlightened”. In his stirring morning devotional, he admitted that he knew little of the issue of abortion or CareNet’s life-saving work, but that he was so compelled and undeniably motivated to action. The event was life-changing for him and many others.

I had the privilege to serve on a panel with two colleagues of mine from the National Black ProLife Coalition, Rev. Walter Hoye and Catherine Davis. It was a joy to work with Jeaneanne Maxon, legal counsel for CareNet, whose passion for the comprehensive care they provide was evident with every word! I presented on how eugenics is Alive and Tragically Well and showed the continuum of eugenics philosophy that has never been severed, but continues to flourish with euphemistic upgrades.

Bishop Wellington Boone (pictured above), never shying away from boldly speaking the Truth, encouraged and emboldened us to carry out the passion God emblazoned on our hearts. As a pastor in Atlanta, he never cowers to political correctness. He declared: “It’s important to be culturally conscious but not culturally controlled.”

And that is the central issue when it comes to the urban community’s unwillingness to break out of the harmful group think that allows social policies to continue despite their destruction. There is too much emphasis on race and not on what’s right. Abortion is decimating the black community resulting in over 14 million deaths since 1973, 70% fatherlessness rate, and increasing poverty from single-parent homes.

My belief is simply this: our pigmentation should never dictate conviction.

CareNet is engaged in an effort to provide more life-affirming alternatives in more urban centers. They are at the frontlines in this battle to promote a culture of life.  This fits in perfectly with The Radiance Foundation’s mission.

Find out more about CareNet here.

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