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(Trevor and Sara Dunbar of F.U.E.L. are part of our PEOPLE WHO SHINE focus).

One evening a few weeks ago, my hubby and I had just finished tucking in our four kiddos. We were enjoying the quiet house when someone knocked at the door. Like every good wife, I nudged Ryan and had him answer it! We were pleasantly surprised by a tall kind man who was “just dropping something off” for our family. We were in shock as he pointed to the coolest kid’s John Deere Utility Motorized Tractor with a front loader and a trailer! “Wow! For our kids?” we asked. Christmas in February! We were blown away.

Our lil' guy checks out the BIG tractor

Our lil' guy checks out the BIG tractor

The note he gave to us read “You’ve been Fueled!”. Inside read a message from someone who had been watching our family and was inspired by how we “live out life”. To say I was moved would be an understatement! We never expected a thank you for living life the way we feel called to. But these acts of kindness are what F.U.E.L (www.needfuel.org) is all about…People helping people through anonymous giving.  Whether it be a gift to delight the kids or groceries for a struggling family, folks go through FUEL to spread love and support. Sara Dunbar, who’s also a teacher (a kindred spirit) shared with me a bit about the organization:

Why did you start F.U.E.L and what does the acronym stand for?  FUEL began in my living room, a few years ago, with 6 of my friends.  God put it on my heart to help meet the needs of people in my own community, in my own back yard, without personal recognition.  So, I thought how fun would it be to get a few friends together and come up with a “secret mission” to help someone who was in need. That is where the acronym FUEL comes from- Friends Undercover Encouraging Lives.

What have you found to be most rewarding about running the organization? I love seeing families get involved! Moms, dads, and kids are finding ways to help their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It definitely creates great conversations at home, and I have personally seen my own kids become others focused and excited to find ways to serve those around them!

What has been your biggest challenge? I think in the beginning, when the idea really began to take off , when 6 people turned into 20, and then into 60, I tried to create it into something more than it needed to be. I have realized that the message is so simple and there doesn’t need a huge organization built around it. It is simply just sharing the message of service and community with a friend. A true message of God’s love.

How can someone be involved with FUEL? It is so easy! Grab a few friends, think of someone you know who could use a little encouragement. Maybe it’s someone you know who is battling cancer, has an illness, or a family who just lost a loved one. It could be someone who has been with out a job for awhile and is struggling to make ends meet. It could even be someone you know who has been an incredible encouragement to others and could use a little encouragement themselves. Then, think of a way you could give to them. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it is doing what you can, with what you have, right where you are. Maybe you could each pool $20 together and drop off bags of groceries, or put together a care basket and secretly deliver it. It could even be as simple as writing an encouraging note or scripture each week, for a month. Get fun and creative with it! Finally, don’t forget to download a FUEL card from our website to send with your gift! This FUEL card will direct them to a secret link on our website where they will receive a special message. We love it when we get to see pictures of FUEL in action, so email us, or upload your pictures of your secret mission!

The Radiance Foundation is excited about this community outreach! Everyday is a great day to “FUEL” someone… in your neighborhood, church, school…anywhere! Not only will you feel good as you spread love, but, take it from a recipient, you can change a life…


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    What a great idea. Bethany, thanks for sharing.

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