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NY Times best-selling author and college professor, Dr. Paul Kengor, inspired the crowd at the recent City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference. Dr. Kengor is a sought-after historian and expert in the area of the American Presidency. He spoke about one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan, and his powerful words about the “shining city on a hill”. The audience was captivated and driven to Reaganesque optimism.

Bethany and I were also guest speakers, preceding his keynote speech. We didn’t expect Dr. Kengor to be inspired by our words. Yesterday, Dr. Kengor shared with 1400 radio stations and to thousands of listeners how he was moved by The Radiance Foundation and my life story. He is, by the way, an adoptive father, too.

Thank you, Dr. Kengor. May more come to know the beauty of Possibility!

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