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The Radiance Foundation is comprised of three core components: our creative ad campaigns, our live multimedia presentations and our compassionate community outreach.

So much has already happened in 2014. It’s hard to believe it’s only been two months into this year.

We were honored to keynote numerous events in January to kick off 2014. Ryan was the keynote speaker at the Louisiana Geaux Forth youth rally (with over 1,500 fired up youth attending), the March for Life Youth Rally (another 1,000 youth and adults), the Students for Life Annual Conference (with over 2,000 youth), and the March for Life’s Rose Dinner to cap off the week of incredible activities, education, and inspiration in DC.

CNN even included a few moments from Ryan following his speech to over a thousand youth and adults at the March for Life Youth Rally. (Unfortunately the soundbites didn’t communicate the adoption message we had hoped CNN was going to cover more thoroughly.)

The Radiance Foundation also keynoted the Urban Economics and Ministry Conference at the Land Center Southwestern Seminary in Texas addressing the societal impact of fatherlessness. We’ve traveled to DC, Maryland, Texas, Illinois, Canada (Ontario) to speak to hundreds of student leaders, and Indiana in just the past few weeks and have met amazing advocates for Life everywhere we traveled. In the upcoming few weeks, we’ll speak at Messiah College in PA, Hopeline Pregnancy Centers in Connecticut, Maryland March for Life, Women’s Care Clinic in Chicago, LifeFest 2014 in Grand Rapids, MI and Bethany Christian Services in Modesto, CA. Please visit our Events section to see what we’re doing.



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  • SpunkiMama

    Thank you so much for speaking at the Hopeline Dinner in Danbury last night. It was refreshing to see such passion and talent being spent to change the hearts and minds of our generation.

    I must admit to feeling discouraged at times because it seems, despite all we do, that the darkness is winning. It has a stronghold on our media, our educational system, and our government / legal system, so when you hear statistics like those given in the MSNBC poll about the increasing numbers of those that are “pro choice” your hope for change gets smothered. Thank you for having the courage to take a stand against the tide of death in a way that is full of the power of truth, but also full of grace and hope. For focusing on the power of life and love and hope for unborn children and their moms and contrasting it with undeniable ugliness of abortion. Darkness is dispelled when the light is turned on. Thank you for using your remarkable creative gifts to speak truth to a generation lost in the dark.

    Danbury, CT
    and Mom of 4…3 bio and 1 through DCF 🙂

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