Dear Rachel Dolezal, We Are Transracial

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The whole Rachel Dolezal race identity crisis is illuminating. We are a country so fixated with race that we now entertain the idea of race fluidity. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to do away with this human construct of race, anyway. But Dolezal’s fantastic voyage from Caucasian to African-American hasn’t been an attempt to eliminate racial barriers. Hers was a fraudulent effort to coopt a racial identity she never had in order to sow division between white and black.

Becoming the chapter president of a “civil rights” organization that continues to deepen the racial divide fit nicely into her charade.

Social media has exploded with some of the most hilarious tweets and posts I’ve ever seen regarding race. With hashtags like #AskRachel and #Transracial, the responses were incredibly creative. Sadly, it was all because of a broken woman’s delusions.

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, who never bothered to ask about all of the lies about Dolezal’s fabricated life, including false claims of being a victim of (sexual) child abuse, growing up in a teepee, or the false “hate mail” that uncovered her fraud in the first place, asked: “What discussion do you want to prompt?”

Dolezal replied: “Well, as much of this discussion has somewhat been at my expense, recently in a very sort of viciously inhumane way, come out of the woodwork, and umm the discussion is really about what it is to be human.”

It was her dishonesty and fraudulent behavior that prompted all of this. But, of course, she’s the victim here. That’s very NAACP’y of her.

At 5:55 in the interview, she addresses getting “full custody of Izaiah”, who is actually Dolezal’s adopted black brother. She claims that Izaiah said, “you’re my real mom”. To that, she concluded: “I certainly can’t be seen as white and be Izaiah’s mom.” Just for clarification, Izaiah voluntarily decided at 16 to live with his older sister. He is not her son. There was no custody proceeding. But then, what does Dolezal say that is actually true?

At any rate Lauer offered no counter, no challenge to the dishonest and absurd statement Dolezal just made. Today’s journalism is hardly worthy of the title, so it’s no surprise that there was no follow-up question to challenge such an outrageous statement. Lauer could’ve asked: “Wait, Ms. Dolezal, are you saying that if you’re white, you can’t be the parent of a different race child? Are there not millions of parents who’ve adopted transracially or interracial couples who have biracial children?”

This statement comes from a white woman who grew up in a home with her white biological parents who transracially adopted four black children. She lived the transracial experience yet created a destructive fairytale that was far less transracial than her actual life.

I know about being truly transracial. I was adopted into a family of 15, with awesome parents (who happen to be white). Ten of the children in TheBombs-WeAreTransracialour family were adopted. We’re all a wonderful transracial mix: biracial (black/white), black, white, Native American, Vietnamese, and even two brothers who are black albinos. #WeAreTransracial. I’m the father of three biracial children and one “African-American” child. Two of my children are adopted. My beautiful wife, Bethany, is white: Greek, Italian and German. I’m biracial: black and white. I’ve grown up around many multiracial families, like some of those our organization, The Radiance Foundation, features on our website that celebrates adoption,

Rachel Dolezal, #WeAreTransracial. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re clearly not. Your story could’ve been powerful enough…a white child growing up in a family who deliberately reached out to children of a different race and chose to love them. That’s the ultimate act of racial reconciliation right there!

When asked by NBC’s Lauer if she would “do things differently” if she had a chance, she proudly declared she would do it all again.

It’s not racial identity that she’s struggling with. It’s brokenness. Hopefully, she will one day see that she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she’s not in order to pursue racial equality. That pursuit of justice can happen just as easily when we all—white, black and every hue in between—see ourselves as simply one human race.










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  • k c

    Well said. Thank you for a well written article.

  • Charlotte Allred Hoshal

    Amen! Love your article and love the truth you share.

  • sadlyso

    Your family is beautiful.

  • shoutthetruth

    The illusionary concept of race was intruduced to society in the late 17th century and fully established and institutionalized in the early 18th century. Race is a human invention…a very bad one. It was inspired by the greed and pride of those who owned slaves, largely from the southern states, who used this new concept as a way to justify their rights to own slaves. In their twisted greedy minds they decided that this group of human beings was an inferior kind and needed to be classified as such in order to defend their position. I am not mad at Rachel. In my view she is a very smart and courageous woman and I admire her. She identified herself based on her perception of herself and that is not a lie in my view. By the way, her case cannot be compared to that of Bruce Jenner. God created human beings male and female, but He did not create race…screwed up greedy people did. That’s the difference here. I would not judge Rachel if I were you. Instead, I would direct my indignation at those who fabricated this whole lie called race.

    • J.B.

      Some of your comment, I can agree with, but let’s go back to Africa where tribal leaders sold their OWN people into slavery. Not saying that others didn’t benefit from it, but America didn’t invent slavery. Smart and courageous Rachel defrauded others in order to play a role – she took a place in a black college that someone else didn’t get to attend. She was in the process of a crime when she stated she was getting death threats. That’s FRAUD and she deserves to be in federal prison for it. She’s a dishonest and mentally twisted person but in your mind, it’s still all about slavery? Come on. I don’t understand how you are giving this liar a pass.

      • shoutthetruth

        I did not say that America invented slavery. Please read my previous post again. There is a difference between race and slavery. Africans are the only people who have historically been enslaved. The children of Israel were enslaved for over 400 years in Egypt. There were also Europeans who were slaves. We’re talking about the issue of race here. I mentioned slavery as a means to point out the origin of race.

  • Dougontap

    Those last 3 paragraphs are fantastic. I can’t wait to share this. You guys keep on inspiring others.

  • Pro-Lif3

    The only thing we know for a fact is she does not get a long with her parents and she stated she had “black” blood, when she does not. That’s not illegal. No one has suggested she is not a good President. I admire the NAACP standing by her,

  • J.B.

    Maybe since her parents adopted African-American children, she felt that somehow they didn’t love her as much, since she was white? It does seem strange that her siblings seem to all be black, and here she is portraying herself as black, too.

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