STD Epidemic: MSM and CDC Suffer From Factophobia

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A news report shouldn’t typically evoke laughter, especially if it’s not meant to be funny. Bloomberg news reporter, Elizabeth Lopatto’s take on the CDC’s latest, and alarming, report on escalating STDs is not meant to make anyone laugh. But the typical liberal approach to facts has gotten to be absurd. The CDC’s 2012 report (just released on January 8, 2014) indicates that syphilis, which can lead to blindness and strokes, has risen 11.1% in one year. All of these cases are among men, and mostly homosexual males who comprise 75% of all syphilis cases. Gonorrhea has increased as well since 2011 by 4.1% and disproportionately among homosexual men. Since 2009, the nation’s gonorrhea rate has increased, with a current total of 334,826 cases reported in 2012. Contracting STDs also make sexually active individuals, especially homosexual males, far more prone to HIV infection.

Here is where the “humor” comes in. Both the reporter and the CDC blame these drastic increases in STDs among homosexual men on…drum roll please… homophobia! Never mind our culture has hurtled toward a bizarre hypocritical environment that demands tolerance and the embrace of homosexuality. So as societal acceptance of homosexuality has increased, the CDC and Bloomberg insist that gay men with STD infections are less likely to seek medical treatment? No one, whether homosexual or heterosexual, likes to seek treatment for STDs. There should be a stigma…to behavior that is MADE-UP-FEARSunhealthy. The CDC does list “individual risk behaviors” as a contributing factor in these STD disparities, but that’s thrown to the wind when you make up a word and a condition to deflect responsibility.

Even more ridiculous is the CDC’s own contradiction. Gail Bolan, the Director of the CDC’s STD Prevention Division, is quoted as saying: “Though the CDC surveyed individuals about risk factors, such as unprotected sex or a higher number of partners, there hasn’t been enough difference in behavior to explain the increase.” Yet a study from the same federal agency found a 20 percent rise in unprotected sex among gay men, including an increase in men who engaged in anal sex from 2005 to 2011. Newsflash CDC Director: That’s a significant, and risky, behavioral change.

And where is Planned Parenthood in this mix with its half a billion in annual Title X funding from the American taxpayer? Is the CDC suggesting that that “investment” is failing? Why aren’t the over 700 Planned Parenthood alleged “health centers” treating these men? Planned Parenthood is the number one source of reproductive health propaganda. There’s no stigma there. They aggressively promote unhealthy sexual behaviors among every demographic, and they boast of their increased testing and STD treatments.

Testing is an elevated and celebrated part of the “cure” for STDs—at least for liberals. The CDC has spent millions promoting their GYT (Get Yourself Tested) initiative. I’m not dismissing the importance of testing and treatment. The problem is that it doesn’t solve the issue of the unhealthy choice that led to the infection in the first place. It’s as inane as running a GYW (Get Yourself Weighed) campaign while not emphasizing the crucial importance of radically changing ones eating habits. Is there “safe-binging” or “safe-purging” or “safe gluttony”. I think not.

STDs are not a laughing matter. A culture obsessed with reckless sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is experiencing the ramifications of poor choices. There are many complications to STDs, even those that are treatable. While pop culture continues to gratify itself in erasing desperately needed moral boundaries, people are suffering. Those who speak the truth are constantly demonized for caring and daring to talk openly about the statistics and the behaviors that lead to them. STDs aren’t the only diseases that need to be cured. Epidemic levels of factophobia plague our news media and federal health sources that are supposed to educate the public, not indoctrinate us.

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  • Misty

    Very well stated.

  • Tommy

    People have sex… Whether it be man/woman, man/man, woman/woman (lesbians actually are the least likely to contract sexual diseases) we have sex using different parts of our bodies ie mouth, vagina, anus… Sex is like eating or sleeping it’s a desire built into all mammals so when you try to make out that sex is wrong you are saying that God is wrong because guess what? We were all designed to have sex! Only God can judge me, not you, not any Christian on this earth, only GOD has the power to judge! Do you think you are a God?… You are not saving peoples souls you are creating reasons to spread malicious lies about sexuality and thus make society a worse off place. People need to stop focusing on our differences and just accept that we are all here, right now in this moment, and we can choose to find things in common rather than spread hate and misunderstanding. Sex is sex… Its not the only defining characteristic of what it means to be human it’s something to be enjoyed but we are all so much more than our sexual actions. One more thing, wasn’t Jesus friends with prostitutes, sinners, outcasts? Yeah so why don’t you be a proper Christian and live by his example: LOVE EVERYONE. Meaning we all came from God, to love each other is to love God. To attack one another is an attack on God. Good day P.S. I am gay and non religious and yet I have a moral compass in spite of that, you take the meaning of the bible and twist it to further your own HOMOPHOBIC (yes that’s a word, look it up asshole) regime. I am not your scapegoat. Do not try to force your evil into me, I will not be held down or pushed aside as you blame homosexuals for the faults in society. We are human beings and we will see a future when the likes of you cease to exist. Everyone deserves respect regardless of whether they have sex with men or women.

    • dvapologetics

      why are you missing the point of this article completely? did God give you a mouth as a sexual organ??? is sperm or faeces human food that it should enter a fool’s mouth??? and why is it that LGBT people are so desperate to be in denial about the inherently deadly, disgusting, destructive and demonic nature of their behaviour??? there are 110 million americans living with stds currently and your claim that lesbians are least likely to contact stds is completely false. no one needs to wait until they wake up with severe std symptoms before acknowledging the farce of homosexual lifestyle.

      • Tommy

        Seems I didn’t miss the point of the article by your reply “deadly, disgusting, destructive, demonic nature of their behaviour” deadly? Be sensible and use a condom. All sex regardless of whether you are gay or straight carries a risk of stis. Disgusting? What’s disgusting about loving another person? Destructive? To whom? Sex can be an enjoyable expression of love and last time I checked, people don’t die or the earth doesn’t sunder or lightning doesn’t strike when I’m having sex with a man. Demonic? How is loving someone of the same gender the same as being a creature that relishes in harm in suffering ie a demon? You make no valid points… P.s. I don’t advocate eating sperm or shit

        • dvapologetics

          Both the bible and science show that homosexuality is an unnatural, disease-prone lifestyle (Romans 1:27). According to the bible, any form of homosexual behavior is wicked rebellion against God. i feel very sorry for you (and i dont mean that as an insult) because you have swallowed the lies that this generation has been fed. so many std doctors declare on their websites that there is no such thing as safe sex. there are 110 million people living with stds in america presently. condoms are a stupid lie. if they were so perfect how come there are so many people suffering from stds??? God said dont have sex until you are married to someone of the opposite sex and after that be faithful to your spouse. people have rejected that model and now digusting stds are everywhere. FYI stds are far higher among homosexuals than the rest of the population. Here are a few statistics and news on STD infections among homosexual men :

          1. “The rate of syphilis infection among homosexual men has increased to a level not seen since the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, an official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Capitol Hill Wednesday. “We’re concerned about our high levels of syphilis among men who have sex with men – really we’re back to the level of disease – burden of disease – in gay men that we were seeing before HIV in this country,” said Gail Bolan, director of the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention. She was speaking at an event held to lobby for federal funding to fight sexually transmitted diseases in the United States.” Source APRIL 13 2016.

          2. “The health care authority of eastern Newfoundland is warning the public of a significant increase in the numbers of infectious syphilis cases among homosexual men in the most populous region of the province. Eastern Health said that last year there were a total of 26 cases of the sexually transmitted disease – already unusually high – but there have already been 15 cases of syphilis reported in the first three months of 2015. The health authority said that the majority of the syphilis cases have been diagnosed in homosexual men between the ages of 20 and 49. Of even greater concern is that 10 of these men were found to also have an HIV infection.” Source march 20 2015.

          3. “P&S syphilis among men who have sex with men (MSM) has been increasing since at least 2000. In 2014, rates of P&S syphilis increased among MSM, who account for 83 percent of reported cases among men when the sex of the partner is known. Also concerning is that more than half of MSM (51 percent) diagnosed with syphilis in 2014 were also HIV-positive. Infection with syphilis can cause sores on the genitals, which make it easier to transmit and acquire HIV.” Source Centre for Disease control November 17 2015.
          homosexuality is a sinful, destructive lifestyle! repent and turn to Jesus!

          • Tommy

            I’m aware that gay sex carries a higher risk than straight sex that’s why I practice safe sex. The bible condemns gays amongst many other things. Science however has changed its stance as new evidence came to light, homosexuality has not been viewed as a disease since 1973. Preaching your hatred and disgust for my kind doesn’t change who I am. I love men and that’s that. Oh and any straight person that had sex before marriage which lets face it, is the majority of the population, are hellbound if you believe absolutely everything written in the bible. Your mind is stuck in the past and unable to accept that there are many forms of life nowadays and gay rights will only get stronger. I hope God takes pity on you and releases your heart from the hatred and prejudice that binds it. We breath the same air, we see the same stars, if people looked at what we had in common rather than what makes us “different” then the world would be a much happier place. For your information being gay isn’t a lifestyle its who I am I never chose it just as you never chose to be straight. Stop the hatred, you are not God so what gives you the right to judge and disapprove of others? That’s his job not yours. What is destructive and disgusting is how some Christians target gays when there are far more evil things in this world such as crimes against children and animals. My point being its disgusting to drive another human being to suicide or mental harm based on their sexuality, just because you don’t understand something, just because you are ignorant of what it means to be a gay person in this world does not give you the right to mock us or cause us harm.

          • dvapologetics

            The bible condemns homosexual behavior in any form. There is a difference between an individual and what he does. You are completely wrong to infer that if someone hates or condemns what you do then that person hates you or condemns you. That is part of the lies the LGBT movement is selling to you. I hate smoking and condemn it but that does not mean I hate smokers. In the same way I hate homosexual behavior in any form but I don’t hate homosexuals. Homosexuality is NOT what you are, it is what you do. Climbing on another man is an act. A pattern of acts is called behavior or lifestyle. If you engage in homosexual acts as a pattern, then that is your lifestyle – the homosexual lifestyle. it is NOT about who you are, it is about what you do. You are fully responsible for your ACTIONS. Homosexual acts are actions. Plus, homosexuality is not some new, futuristic thing. It is not about going forward into the future, it is about going back into the past. Homosexuality has always been practiced by demon-worshipping pagan cultures for centuries. It has its origins in demon-worship. It was normal in the sex-crazed roman empire and other pagan, non-christian societies. Do not try to present it as a new, progressive lifestyle because it is not that, it is a lifestyle that devastated past cultures and societies and is doing the same in America today. God’s word condemns it strongly and firmly just like it condemns incest and bestiality. If you die in your homosexual sin you will be lost in hell for all eternity. Quit believing the LGBT lies, repent and turn to Jesus.

          • Tommy

            This conversation is stale. You are clearly not a rational individual, you are shallow with a narrow mind and closed heart. The Roman empire was corrupt and guess what? They fell. I’ve not been “sold” anything about lgbt these are my truths from my life experiences. You are like a dog with a bone, let it go! Let go of the fucked up views you hold, the lies. Maybe you hold feelings of latent homosexuality but because of your upbringing you are convinced its evil. What ever the reason for your hatred, the world turns its back on your outdated beliefs. Good luck with your small, closed off existence. God knows you need it. If you actually treated gay people as human beings you would see that we are normal and no different from the rest of human kind.

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