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Since 1988, #LGBT groups have celebrated National Coming Out Day (October 11th), a day to celebrate what many tout as Love-v-Tolerancefreedom. Claiming that #ItGetsBetter, #LGBT activists claim the only hurdle to feeling accepted and free is to embrace a lie. This is why those who love truth love people enough to say our “feelings” often mislead us. Real love lifts us out of our circumstances. Tolerance keeps people where they are and pretends there are no circumstances.

I think the most powerful voices are those who’ve experienced a life immersed in homosexuality and have chosen to leave it. This doesn’t mean that people are always “cured” but it means that healing is possible. Gay rights groups often invoke religion and a God that I’m not very familiar with–a god that condones sexual brokenness and one that hasn’t the power to heal and restore. No matter the circumstances of our lives, I’d much rather believe in the actual science, the facts, and lean on a faith that encourages us to love people enough to speak the truth.

But mainstream media, #LGBT activists and misleading political leaders have a deep aversion to the facts. It’s what I like to call Factophobia. It’s the reason, for instance, that the CDC absurdly blamed much higher rates of STD infections among male homosexuals on…wait for it…homophobia. Personal actions couldn’t be blamed. Ours is a culture that loves blame and hates responsibility.


Although science has never proven that homosexuality is biological, there are many factors that influence it. Dr. Julie Harren Hamilton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, provides an intriguing breakdown of these facts on

"Marriage Equality" by The Radiance FoundationMany, today, are too afraid to engage in a factual conversation about homosexuality. Too many allow themselves to be pressured into silence for questioning the radical political activism that now casts homosexuality as normal and an issue of “equality”. The former president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Nicholas Cummings, has railed against the APA for its denial that gays can change and “lead happy lives as normal adults”.  “The APA has become a monolith…The APA has become politically correct. Political correctness rules not science.” He denounces the APA’s politically driven agenda and resistance to sound scientific study on a myriad of social issues even though he advocates for “gay rights” and “gay marriage”.

The New Atlantis: Journal of Technology & Society just released a groundbreaking study from two world-renown psychiatrists, Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, who’ve concluded from their extensive analysis that “the idea that people are ‘born that way’ is not supported by scientific research.” They dismantle the myth of transgenderism (a man being trapped inside a woman’s body and vice versa) and go into detail of the far higher devastating mental health outcomes for non-heterosexual populations, citing such studies as the  2011 Swedish meta-analysis of post-op “sex-changed” individuals’ suicide rate which was 20 times higher than non-transgender population. (Sweden is a country, by the way, where homosexual relationships were legalized in 1994, “gender-change” was legally allowed in 1972, discrimination against homosexuals by government or businesses was banned in 1987,  and “hate speech” against homosexuals was outlawed by Constitutional decree in 2003.)

The NARTH Institute is comprised of psychologists, licensed counselors, scientists, researchers and other medical experts (some of whom have come out of a lifestyle of homosexuality) analyze all of the scientific studies regarding homosexuality. It is a powerful alliance that debunks many of the myths of Hollywood, mainstream media, and academia. A component of NARTH is the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. For a society that claims to be so “pro-choice” on abortion and sexuality, there’s a fierce resistance to the actual science that proves that therapy is emotionally beneficial for those who experience sexual brokenness.

Then there are those who have experienced change. And their voices are the ones that the #LGBT movement tries so desperately to silence. So much for tolerance. Former lesbian, Jackie Hill, has an incredibly powerful testimony. Her embrace of homosexuality was the result of sexual abuse–a journey that many who have same-sex attractions have experienced. She’s an incredibly gifted spoken word artist whose lyrical depth in “My Life As A Stud” cuts to the core of this heart-wrenching issue.

She challenges the platinum-selling Macklemore and his pro-homosexuality song, “Same Love”. In the beautifully crafted but deeply dishonest song, the chorus (featuring lesbian music artist Mary Lambert) claims: “I can’t change, even if I try…even if I wanted to…my love, my love, my love…she keeps me warm”. Lambert, too, speaks of severe neglect (being left home alone a lot) and sexual abuse as a young child. Of course, that had nothing to do with her embrace of homosexuality. She blames her guilt on Christianity, though.

Christine Sneeringer defies that lie. She was a lesbian, too. Today, as a Christian comedian, Sneeringer has a funny take on her journey that was rife with confusion and incompleteness. It was the love of other Christians that led her, as she describes, to repentance and wholeness. Not fear. Not judgment. Just love. She’s part of the Exodus Global Alliance, a Christian organization dedicated to offering Hope to those individuals and families affected by homosexuality. (It is not the same as the now defunct Exodus International which capitulated on offering a Biblical perspective on homosexuality.)

Which brings up the question of whether one can be “gay” and Christian. It’s about as silly as asking “can sinful people be Christian?” Uhhh, yes. The deeper question is, does the Bible consider homosexuality to be sinful? Undeniably. But we now have churches celebrating homosexuality. I guess adultery, greed, malice, jealousy, and a host of other sins should be equally celebrated by such lost houses of self-worship. Matthew Vines, who describes himself as a gay “Christian” author and activist, feebly debated Dr. Michael L. Brown (aka Doc Brown) about the Bible’s position on homosexuality. Vines was woefully unprepared to make a Biblical “argument” supporting homosexuality. Doc Brown shattered Vines’ lack of basic theological understanding of Christian scriptures. Doc Brown, by the way, “became a believer in Jesus 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heroin-shooting, LSD-using Jewish rock drummer” according to his website bio. He knows about radical personal transformation. He has a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and serves as an adjunct professor and visiting professor to numerous schools of theology across the country. Doc Brown is also a radio host, syndicated columnist and author of 27 books. My wife and I have been blessed by his profound writings and teachings on a host of issues.

"I WAS QUEER" photo by The Radiance FoundationTHERE IS HOPE.

Transformation happens. And millions of people attest to this–Christian and non-Christian. The nihilistic and narcissistic “I can’t change…even if I try” Macklemore lyrics contradict every day life. From issues of addiction to fear to alcoholism to depression to self-image and acceptance…people change all the time. But our culture embraces the lie that all forms of sexuality are equal. Throwing all logic and science to the wind, the #LGBT movement embraces, simultaneously, the dogma of immutability (I was “born that way” aka “sexual orientation”) and the doctrine of fluidity (I can choose to identify with any sexual or gender identity aka “bisexual” or “whatever-sexual”).

Change is human nature. Truth is Divine.

In our society, coming out of the closet often means staying in the same house of lies. But we have opportunities to show others love by selflessly illuminating the Hope that transforms, regardless of the consequences. So, someone de-friends you on Facebook. So what. So, someone sneers at you. So what. So, someone calls you “homophobic” or a “bigot”. Christ endured much worse. He didn’t die so that we would tolerate sin (in whatever form it takes) in our own lives. He died so that we would be free from it. That’s true freedom. That’s love. That’s what we all need.

Our value is not determined by our sexuality but by the very nature that we’re created by a God who loves us. So, during National Coming Out Day, celebrate the possibility of loving people enough to help them realize it’s not their sexual orientation that defines them, but their soul orientation.




Sexuality & Gender – Findings from the Biological, Psychological and Social Sciences. A Special Report from Drs. Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity – Comprehensive analysis of homosexuality by psychologists, scientists, medical experts and researchers

Exodus Global Alliance – Spiritual help for those seeking wholeness and healing – Providing the factors involved in homosexuality

Dr. Michael Brown’s 40 Questions – Biblical perspective on homosexuality

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry – Biblical perspective on homosexuality

Lesbian Researcher Debunks “Born That Way” Narrative – Lisa Diamond, Professor of Psychology & Gender Studies at University of Utah

Former Homosexual – Dean Bailey, 50, is not afraid to tell anyone he is living proof that ‘sexual orientation’ can in fact be changed

Former Lesbian – Spoken Word/Recording Artist Jackie Hill Perry talks about My Journey Out of Lesbianism.

Former Transgender – Walt Heyer talks to Dr. Drew and tries to warn Bruce Jenner about having “sex-change” surgery. Powerful testimony.

When A Family is Destroyed – The heartbreaking stories silenced in the name of “marriage equality”

Fearless Identity – A story of redemption from survivor of Orlando Pulse Massacre


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