Leaning Forward but Knocked Back: The Radiance Foundation Speaks Truth on MSNBC

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By now, everyone knows that mainstream media once again neglected its duty to inform the American public. Most turned a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands that Marched for Life on Friday, January 25th in DC.  The MSM was sure to cover the barely one thousand anti-gun/anti-2nd Mayor Corey Booker story trumps hundreds of thousands of human rights advocatesAmendment protestors who assembled at the same National Mall the following day. ABC News, and many media outlets, did oddly highlight Newark Mayor Corey Booker’s deep sense of humanity in his “heroic” act to save the life of a freezing dog! Way to cover the important stuff.

MSNBC hasn’t been silent on the issue at all, though. Granted, they’ve taken the 40th Anniversary of Roe to heavily promote it through many hosts like Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, Toure, and inviting Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, to discuss the need to  increase access (as if there’s any lack of access now). Toure “thanked God for abortion” as he explained he was in a “committed” relationship when his girlfriend got pregnant. But he knew she wasn’t “the one”. So much for “commitment”. She had an abortion. He thanks God.

Nothing like news media personalities shilling for killing.

As hard left as MSNBC feels it needs to lean to go forward, we give them kudos for asking us to share our perspective. We just don’t think they were prepared for pro-life advocates who weren’t taking the liberal bait.


NBC/WSJ POLL 41% Don't know enough

Craig Melvin, who is one of MSNBC’s most cordial hosts, tried to tout the latest deceptive NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (as if any poll should dictate what is right or wrong.) In the first question of the survey, 41% responded that they didn’t have enough of an opinion of Roe v. Wade to state whether they felt it should be overturned or not. In other words…they didn’t know what the Roe decision was. This is from their own poll. Shouldn’t that invalidate the poll? No. The false conclusion continued. And so did the deception in the poll Question #21 (the second question on the abbreviated version available on MSNBC’s site) completely misrepresents the Roe decision, claiming it allowed abortion within only the first three months of pregnancy. The 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling allowed abortion through the point of viability, which at that time was determined to be 7 months. The companion case, Doe v. Bolton, allowed abortion through the rest of the pregnancy, including partial birth abortion. So, the issue is that both Roe and Doe need to be overturned.


Any loss of life, regardless of the cause of inflicted death, is tragic. But let’s not let the left define the debate. The two issues are not comparable. The number of firearm deaths for 2011 was 31,672 according to the CDC. Of those deaths, 19,392 were intentional (self-inflicted suicide), 606 were from accidental discharge of weapon, 11,078 were homicides, and 252 were from undetermined intent. Apparently, the CDC can’t figure out the other 344 deaths. There were 1,212,250 abortions in the latest reported year (2008) according to the pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood funded Guttmacher Institute. This is the ultimate violence against the absolute defenseless. All abortions have the intent to kill human life.

There is no comparison.


These aren’t “our” numbers. These come from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene–the only official source that reports this data. More black babies are aborted in the home of Planned Parenthood than are born alive! For every 1,000 black babies that are born alive, 1,448 are aborted (38,674 abortions divided by 26,635 live births). A staggering 59.2% of viable black pregnancies were aborted in 2010 (the most recent year reported). This is “reproductive justice”?  Contrast that with 244 white babies aborted for every 1,000 born alive (9,220 abortions divided by 37,780 live births). Any loss of life, as a result of abortion, is a tragedy. Women and children deserve much better than a billion dollar industry that profits from the destruction of human life and the failure to prevent unintended pregnancies (the national unintended pregnancy rate, of 49%, hasn’t budged since 1995 despite Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer welfare of a half a billion annually according to the CDC).


Journalists are supposed to research, not revise. That’s exactly what MSNBC tried to do with New Mexico Representative Cathrynn Brown’s (R) proposed legislation (HB206) to criminalize forced abortions by those who commit sexual crimes against women. The original language of the bill called out those who had “intent to destroy evidence of the crime”. Why in the world would anyone think that that would mean the victim–the pregnant woman–would be incarcerated? Rep. Brown already clarified the bill’s language on Friday (before this interview) so as to remove any false accusation that women would be jailed, clearly declaring that it prohibits “prosecution of the mother of the fetus.”

MSNBC also didn’t mention, too, that all nine female Republican NM state representatives signed on as co-sponsors.

No matter the prolife protection, pro-abortion activists and organizations fight against every effort. Abortionists like Kermit Gosnell are free to maim and kill without intervention by many states. Gosnell’s House of Horrors in Philadelphia was allowed to commit heinous acts of murder, sterilization and botched abortions for over 10 years. Pro-abortion activists remained silent. The state failed to enforce existing laws. The incredible new documentary, 3801 Lancaster, shows this grisly story. And the laws passed after Gosnell’s clinic was closed were denounced by abortion groups. Go figure. They show their lack of concern for the lives of women and children by their devotion to solely protecting abortion, at any cost.

America needs more than media cheerleaders for the abortion industry. We need the unscripted truth. And in this interview, we speak it.





Summary of Vital Statistics 2010, Pregnancy Outcomes, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Deaths, Final Data for 2010, Centers for Disease Control

New Mexico House Bill #206, Legislation introduced by Republican Representative Cathrynn Brown


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  • Felicia Liebert

    Your interview on msnbc was excellent. It would have been stellar had the newscaster allowed you to speak freely. My 17 year old daughter attended this years march, as have her 3 older siblings in the past. Hopefully I will accompany my youngest, Theresa, to the march when she is in high school. I just want to say I appreciate the remarkable efforts of your foundation. Especially trying to get black people to join the conversation with regard to the detrimental effect of eugenics on the black population as a specifically targeted group. It’s a big secret that needs to told.
    Felicia Liebert
    mom of 5

  • Suzann Corral

    Mr. Bomberger did a fabulous job! What a wonderful new voice for the pro-life movement. Thanks for this followup material documenting the statistics he used in the interview. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Bomberger and Radiance in the future.

  • Pat M.

    I always enjoy your words, Mr. Bomberger, whether written or spoken. You did a great job at refocusing the conversation when MSNBC’s Mr. Melvin tried to spin it off target and put a left-leaning slant to it.

    I thought it was telling that when you referenced the NYC data regarding the staggering and disproportionate percentage of black children aborted there each year, Mr. Melvin was clearly taken aback. But did he pledge to look into the matter (as anyone truly interested might)? No. He simply brushed you off with an appeal to ignorance. He had no data to support his denial of the facts but he was comfortable with it nonetheless. Funny thing, his own incredulity was a loud (if unintentional) rebuke to the murderous insanity taking place in the (very anti-gun) atmosphere of NYC. It is shameful.

    Thanks for doing this hard work, and doing it well.

  • jennifer

    Thank you, Ryan, for your voice for the unborn. I am so grateful you speak against this evil. I am fatigued in the fight, and listening to you in this interview, I am renewed. I must have faith someday we will see the light and stop the killing of innocent life. You are poised and wise, and I hope you stay strong. We need you!

    Thank you.

  • Bill Harkins

    I just saw the video of your interview on MSNBC. I truly thank God you were given this opportunity. Your articulate, knowledgable presentation of the facts was terrific. I was with a group of High Schoolers from Mobile, Al at the march. You are right, it was cold, but these kids loved it ( we aren’t used to snow!). You and your work, and your family will remain in my prayers. Keep up the great work! God Bless!

  • michelle

    I agree with the other positive comments above-EXCELLENT JOB! You represented well on MSNBC. I was so proud of you and the way you were able to stand your ground and share the facts in a Firm yet loving way.

    I just hear about you for the first time when someone posted a link to this interview on FB. I was Blown away! My husband and I are Foster Parents now and definitely Pro life!

  • Deena

    Mr. Bomberger, I agree with Suzann above: you are a fantastic spokesperson for this civil rights issue, and I pray you will have more opportunities to so clearly lay out the truth. Thank you!

  • Matthew Sellers


    Did you an awesome job on MSNBC!!!


  • elizabeth

    Thank you for defending the rights of the unborn, right in the lions’ den of MSNBC. I’m so glad to learn about the work of your foundation.

  • Amanda

    LOVE your enthusiasm and so glad to see a young black man in the fight for life! It is past time for all Americans to reach across racial, social and economic lines and together, fight for the dignity of each and every life.

    My deepest thanks, amanda

  • Carl King


    That was a tremendous interview! Your knowledge and anticipation of each point of contention was brilliant. Thank you for being an advocate for the unborn. Your passion and grace shines bright.

  • Dan Cruver


    Fantastic job! Wow. You communicated the truth both winsomely and boldly.

    Grateful for you.


  • Alyson

    AWESOME pro-abort SLAM!!! Mr. Bomberger, you are the BOMB!
    THANK YOU, for not backing down or into a corner, like that very stupid pro-abort newsman was desperately trying to do—but MISERABLY FAILED, because you TOLD HIM THE TRUTH. God Bless you!

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