Love saves lives. Abortion ends them.

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Former Marine Anita Serna and Radiance Bomberger show their prolife love!

Former Marine Anita Serna (Radiance Foundation volunteer) and Hailee Radiance Bomberger show their prolife love!

Could there be a starker contrast? One movement protects innocent human life; the other promotes killing human life. One marvels at the biological differences that enable women to conceive and carry new life; the other denies there is such a thing as biological women. One believes we’re all created equal and that justice is protecting the weak against the strong; the other believes some are less equal than others and that “reproductive justice” demands that the strong prevail over the weaker. One believes adoption is an act of courageous love that makes a child a member of a devoted family; the other is devoted to the lie that adoption is more harmful than the dismembering act of abortion. One upholds the vulnerable; the other upholds the vulgar. One embraces science; the other embraces eugenics.

CNN (you know the network that made Saddam Hussein a deal that they wouldn’t cover his human rights abuses so they could stay in Iraq) has no interest in reporting #FactsFirst. Despite their PR campaign and indignation of being called #fakenews, they prove their disdain for actual journalism every day. Search for ‘March for Life’ on their website. You get two measly results that mention but don’t show the world’s largest demonstration for human rights (see here and here). But you have to sift through tons of results for the next day’s Women’s March in order to even find those two examples.

Some of our Radiance Crew!

Some of our Radiance Crew!

I joined in the March for Life with my family and friends. I didn’t see any hint of mainstream media anywhere. Oh, I know I know I know. “It’s an annual event and not newsworthy” many liberal opinionists—I mean “journalists”—say. Funny. They sure make a big deal of annual holidays, or Women’s History Month, or National Doughnut Day. There’s more coverage of Punxsutawney Phil (a groundhog) than hundreds of thousands marching in our nation’s capital to end the most violent form of discrimination.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Mainstream media fears what those pictures of the March for Life say. Truth, in visual form, is always a threat to liberalism.

The nation’s largest prolife demonstration had nearly zero coverage by CNN (other than one article on President Trump’s historic address), MSNBC, and CBS News and barely a mention by the majority of other news outlets. Thank you Media Research Center/Newsbusters for holding our #fakenews establishment to account. “Before the main Women’s March event even happened…the news shows already covered the Women’s March three times more than the 2018 March for Life,” MRC’s Katie Yoder reported. The Women’s March, led by Muslim Linda Sarsour who praises and promotes the most oppressive form of patriarchy humanity has ever known—Islamic Sharia, had wall-to-wall frontpage coverage. Oh, the irony. Women’s inequality is just fine with liberals as long as they are the ones treating women unequally.

I recently spoke in Vermont (invited by Vermont Right to Life) where, interestingly, there are many expressions of #BlackLivesMatter. In a state (ranked second worst in nation by Americans United for Life’s Ten Best and Worst States for Life) that is as liberal as China when it comes to abortion (zero restrictions), so-called progressives never see the irony in their support of the leading killer of unarmed black lives—abortion. Obviously, only some black lives matter—the most vulnerable of all of them. As I walked through the beautiful state house in Montpelier, I couldn’t help but be moved by the striking bust of President Abraham Lincoln, situated in the main hall facing the front doors of the building. It was given the most prominent place ensuring that everyone will see the Liberator, especially the overwhelming number of pro-abortion legislators that comprise Vermont’s General Assembly. Lincoln gave his life to a war that would give freedom to those deemed less than human. Liberal legislators celebrate an abortion industry that fights for the freedom to kill those deemed less than human.

The prolife movement is rooted in equality, rooted in Love, rooted in Hope. Despite the caricatures that #fakenews media tries to make of us, we are the ones who fight for human dignity and true equality. We are the ones who care for mother and child (free of charge) in a network of over 3,000 compassionate pregnancy resource centers nationwide (here, here, here, and here), in over 450 maternity homes, in fatherhood mentoring programs like Project D.A.D., and family support ministries like Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army.

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It’s a somber time to reflect on the tragic deaths of over 60 million human lives. Though pro-abortion activists angrily insist “No uterus, no say!”, it was seven men in black robes who handed us the violence of abortion. It’s mostly male abortionists who profit when women are convinced their own biology is their enemy. And it is mostly men who are empowered by a supremely wrong ruling that gave guys a license to have sex and run.

As someone conceived in rape, as an adoptee, as a husband, as an adoptive father, as a human being…I will continue to fight for the least powerful and the most vulnerable. I pray that my four children will see the day when our nation moves beyond rhetoric and into the reality of liberty and justice for all. Mainstream media refused to tell the truth about slavery, but the injustice of that brutal institution was still abolished. Today, MSM is choosing to be on the wrong side of history again censoring truths that, ultimately, cannot be hidden. Abortion—the sacrifice of others—makes us broken human beings. Self-sacrificial love always makes us better human beings. That truth will keep marching on until the brutal industry of abortion is no more.


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Abortion is systemic racism.
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