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Exclusive Column by Ryan Bomberger for The Christian Post


“We choose truth over facts.” Biden’s campaign words, combined with his history of hostility towards truth, are confusing but not surprising. There is no difference between the two. What is factual is true. What is true is factual. Facts exist. Truth exists. Also, he doesn’t choose truth.

The recent Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access summit, a commission created to subvert state sovereignty by a once semi-pro-life Biden, was an exercise in distortion and deception by the President and Vice President.

Much of the meeting was easily disprovable propaganda. Here are a few points that need context and lots of correction.


“The Court got Roe right fifty years ago,” Biden claimed at the beginning of his remarks. Forty-nine years ago, however, he strongly disagreed with the Court’s supremely wrong ruling. In a 1974 interview he expressed: “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.”

Biden went on to say in the summit that “Congress should codify the protections of Roe.” Protections of whom? Women? Roe offered zero protections of women except to allow states to regulate abortion, abortion facilities, and the act of abortion after viability. And with any state’s efforts to regulate these things, the Democratic Party has resisted, protested, and overwhelmingly voted against nearly every protection in the last several decades. In fact, the Democrat Party’s misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 removes all protections for women legalizing unlimited abortion. This is extreme.

The bill also denies the uniqueness of the female gender. The Act bizarrely claims: “The terms ‘woman’ and ‘women’ are used in this bill to reflect the identity of the majority of people targeted and affected by restrictions on abortion services, and to address squarely the targeted restrictions on abortion, which are rooted in misogyny. However, access to abortion services is critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant.” Only women can get pregnant.

Protecting human life is rooted in compassion. And that’s carried out daily by millions of peaceful pro-life advocates, over 2,700 pregnancy help centers and 450 maternity homes that provide free care and support to millions facing unplanned pregnancies.


“Republicans are doubling down on an extreme position with a proposal for a national ban,” Biden warned referring to the Protecting Pain Capable Children From Late-Term Abortions Act. I’m not a fan of the 15-week ban, by the way. According to the CDC, that only eliminates 5.2% of our nation’s abortions. Keep in mind, the radically pro-abortion Democrat Party want to keep 100% of abortions legal and promote the violence as “equality.” In 2020, there were an estimated 930,160 abortions committed, so we’re talking 48,368 lives could potentially be saved with what Biden calls “extreme.” I’m all about saving even one life, but with the historic Dobbs ruling overturning the social injustice of Roe, is this the best Congressional Republicans can do?

A recent Gallup poll shows only 35% of Americans want abortion legal for any reason. Fifty percent want it legal only under certain conditions, and another 13% want it illegal under all circumstances.

In Poland, abortion is illegal with exceptions for rape and incest and to save the mother’s life. In Chile, abortion is illegal except to save the life of the mother, rape, incest and fetal “abnormality.” Abortion is illegal in Germany (although allowed under very limited circumstances until 12 weeks). France allows abortion up to 14 weeks (increased from 12 weeks earlier this year). Spain allows abortions through 14 weeks.

U.S. policy on abortion has been extreme. And the Biden administration is working overtime to make it even more extreme.


As one conceived in rape but adopted in love, it’s heartbreaking how the “exceptions” like me are always exploited to promote the further tragedy of abortion. Circumstances of conception don’t change the condition of our inherent and equal worth. Regardless, Biden bemoaned the lack of exceptions to pro-life legislation. Pro-abortion lawmakers and activists decry every pro-life bill regardless of the inclusion of exceptions. Don’t fall for that faux-choice ploy. They abuse the 1% to justify 100% of abortions.

Biden used the summit to distort a situation surrounding a 14-year-old Arizonian, Emma Thompson, who was initially denied a prescription for her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. The medication, methotrexate, can also be used as an abortifacient. Similar to his despicable exploitation earlier this year of an Ohio minor who was raped by an illegal immigrant, Biden used a fringe situation to try to push abortion. Biden blames the situation on Arizona’s ban on abortion and leaves out this vital fact: Though initially denied the prescription, after further consultation with the pharmacist, Thompson’s mother walked out with the needed prescription that same day.


Biden wasn’t the only one contorting and distorting. Vice President Kamala Harris joined in with plenty of propaganda too. Harris claimed the Dobbs decision “created a healthcare crisis in America.” No, it created a healthscare crisis in America where the pro-abortion Left is trying every fear tactic possible. Harris panicked: “What we’re seeing is the criminalization of doctors and healthcare providers.” No, we’re seeing the beginnings of the end of the abortion industry, and abortionists who violate the law will be held accountable.

Harris kept harping on pro-life laws from 1849 and 1864, emphasizing that they’re illegitimate because women didn’t have the right to vote (a right made possible by the GOP-authored and passed 19th amendment in 1920) or be “full citizens”. Well, the 13th Amendment was passed in 1865. The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. Guess those were sooooo long ago, they’re irrelevant and need to be aborted, right? Time doesn’t validate a law; its morality does. It’s immoral to deliberately kill the innocent. And that principle has no time stamp.

That’s truth. And that’s a fact.

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