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This administration has shown it’s radical pro-abortion ideology. Their conscience claws are out trying to shred our Constitutional rights. They have been relentless in forcing upon the American people, a majority of which are pro-life, mandatory taxpayer funding of abortion, contraception (including sterilization), and abortion-causing drugs. Disregarding religious liberty, as enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the Department of Health and Human Services is dictating that every American pay for things most morally object to, violating our conscience rights. created a video promo for Americans United for Life (a renown nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization) that exposes the real issue behind this administration’s “Contraception Mandate”. It has nothing to do with lack of access, and everything to do with a systematic pro-abortion dismantling of our Constitution.



This Friday at noon in over 129 cities across the country, people from every religious background (or none at all) are standing up to this attack on our First Amendment conscience rights. We stand with people from every background–Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Catholics, Evangelicals, and yes, even atheists who believe in protecting our Constitutional rights, our freedom of religion, and human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Let our elected leaders, mainstream media, and the American public know that YOU stand for religious freedom. Join an event in your city this Friday. Find out more at

Some say our Constitution is a “living document”. To that we say, “then stop killing it.”

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