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By Ryan Bomberger (Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation)

Published on LifeNews.com


Planned Parenthood loves its history. It’s why they will never repudiate it, but instead, repeat it over and over again. With undying devotion from mainstream media, Planned Parenthood increases its brazenness in pushing its brand of ideological slavery.

Recently, they released their crock-umentary “A Vital Service” featuring an all-black “cast” extolling the virtues of an organization that profits from killing, disproportionately, black babies. Targeting black people is nothing new. Planned Parenthood’s been doing it since its founder, a member of the deeply racist American Eugenics Society, started recruiting black ministers and influential leaders to tout her (false) birth control solution to poverty. This week, the Negro Project 2.0 has taken a deeper dive into the surreal.

Trotting out yet another black individual to shill for the number one killer of black people, one begins to see how desperate the world’s largest population control chain is to keep its stranglehold on the black community. Ludwig Gaines, African American Leadership and Engagement Director for Planned Parenthood, harshly criticized the DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (sponsored by Congressman Trent Franks and 130 others) as an “attack on women.”

In typical prochoice fashion, he spewed the pathetic mantra of mass distraction: “Suddenly, they’re concerned about black children quite frankly prior to birth, but could care less once they arrive.” He continued saying, “they are the very same people who will not support after-school care, or food stamps, or other programs meant to elevate communities of color.”

So, for those black children that are not slaughtered by Planned Parenthood, the ones lucky enough to be alive are all born into poverty? Food stamps elevate the black community? For a people that have endured some of the most heinous treatment in human history, who’ve defied all odds, and who have risen above impossible circumstances in hostile environments—all he has to offer is governmental dependency?

Perhaps he missed the memo that 27.4% of the black population is living in poverty… not 100%. Children, regardless of which socio-economic situation they’re born into, deserve the best our society has to offer- not a life tethered to a government that continually fails to elevate people out of poverty.

In 1969, only 1.4% of the US population was enrolled in the Food Stamp program (now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) with a national poverty rate of 12%. Today, under President Obama, more Americans than ever are enrolled in this welfare program which amounts to 44,709,000 Americans and a national poverty rate of over 15%. Although the US total population increased 154% since 1969, this ever-growing dependency program has increased in enrollees by a whopping 1553% since it first began. In 2008, under President Bush, our national poverty rate was less at 13.2% and only 28,223,000 were receiving food stamps.

Mr. Gaines, as an employee of Planned Parenthood, seems to have an aversion to actual data. His organization spends more than a million dollars per year lobbying Congress, not just for unfettered access to abortion, but to perpetuate poverty in the urban community by supporting every welfare program. Dissolved families and government dependency give the abortion chain far easier access to the vulnerable.

As far as prolifers who could “care less,” Ludwig Gaines attacks Congressman Trent Franks who confidently declares, “children’s issues are my life.” Franks has a deep history of being an advocate for children and families of all ethnic backgrounds, devoting much of his public life to combating poverty and educational disparities. He authored the Arizona Scholarship Tax Credit, for instance, which has raised more than $240 million for children to attend schools of their family’s choice.  He served both as the Director of the Arizona Governor’s Office for Children and as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Child Protection and Family Preservation. He is yet another prolifer maligned by those whose “care” consists of killing those they consider a burden on society and shackling the rest with liberal social policies that ensure generational poverty.

There is no abortion that Planned Parenthood won’t defend. And there is no low that they will not scrape in order to elevate themselves as savior in the minds of those they’ve failed for nearly a century.

How much has Planned Parenthood poured into the lives of black children, Mr. Gaines? When’s the last time they spent millions on educational initiatives, our housing renovations, or after-school programs? They don’t, and they won’t. Planned Parenthood can’t change their historical DNA. Their founder, Margaret Sanger, despised charity. In her book Pivot of Civilization, she denounced these philanthropies saying, “organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease… instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks of people that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.”

By its own nature, its own Annual Reports, and its own actions of killing those most vulnerable (by the millions), Planned Parenthood shows it has no concern for children either in utero or once they’re born. Nowhere in American life is racism more concentrated, more documented, and more tangible than inside the doors of abortion facilities. Death, which is the ultimate natural consequence of racism unabated, occurs up to 5.8 times more among black babies than children of any other race. But this racial disparity is celebrated as “reproductive justice” by those often paid handsomely, like Ludwig Gaines, to keep inviting more to get entangled in Planned Parenthood’s web of propaganda and population control.

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