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On the heels of massive national and international media coverage of the “Endangered Species” campaign, The Radiance Foundation has launched its abortion awareness initiative in Wisconsin in partnership with Pro-Life Wisconsin. Thirteen billboards throughout Milwaukee convey the messages “Black Children Are In Danger” and “Black & Beautiful” to show the loss of hope and possibility that abortion brings. With huge racial disparities in the numbers of abortions, Wisconsin exceeds the national trends with its African-American population comprising 24% of the state’s abortions (4x its representation in the state). The campaign’s website,, provides irrefutable federal and state abortion statistics and the largely unknown history of the racism and eugenics of Planned Parenthood. It also reveals the myth of the “unwanted child” and the tragic racialization of adoption.

The Radiance Foundation’s co-founder, Ryan Bomberger, is the Creator/Director of the campaigns. As a child, he was transracially adopted into a multi-racial family of 15, which has inspired his advocacy of adoption. He was once considered “unwanted” as the circumstances surrounding his birth could have easily resulted in an abortion. According to Planned Parenthood’s latest Annual Report they aborted 324,008 unborn children in 2008 yet only made 2,405 adoption referrals; that’s 135 abortions for every 1 adoption referral. “Planned Parenthood profits, immensely, from deliberate deception—that ‘unplanned’ means ‘unwanted and unloved’ and therefore should be destroyed. This campaign coincides with a holiday season in which most Americans celebrate the ultimate unplanned pregnancy, a courageous teenage mother, and a compassionate father who chose adoption instead of abandonment,” Bomberger explained. “And that child is loved and adored to this day. We are a resourceful society who can, and do, offer so much better than the destruction of abortion as a solution.”

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