Erasing Black Lives From History

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This article was originally published in 2019. It has been updated for 2021.

Many Americans heard the cheers of pro-abortion New York Democrats after they passed the extreme abortion bill, the Reproductive Health Act. Now the state’s laws mirror those of China and North Korea. Abortion is legal in New York for any reason and throughout the entire pregnancy. If someone kills a mother’s “wanted” unborn child in a homicidal act other than “legal abortion”, there’s no criminal statute to prosecute the attacker. New York Dems have gleefully deemed a group of human beings as ‘non-persons’.

Nearly the same radicalism has happened in a handful of states across the country including Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and more.

Hmmmmm, where have we seen this before?

It’s Black History Month, and many still haven’t learned from history. Slavery. Jim Crow. KKK. Lynching. Poll Taxes. Literacy Tests. And now, Limitless Abortion. How many times does the Democrat Party need to be wrong? How many millions need to be killed, harmed and exploited for Americans—of any hue—to wake up and see abortion for what it is: fatal systemic racism and elitism. 

"LACK OF ACCESS" by The Radiance FoundationFor the past two decades in New York City, more black babies have been aborted than born alive. In 2015  for every 1,000 black babies born alive, there were 1,038 aborted. But you know, lack of access. In 2016, the state health department and NYC’s health department report different numbers. NYC reports that there were 1,033 black babies aborted for every 1,000 born alive. The state claims there were 994 black babies aborted for every 1,000 born alive (the state also reported thousands less abortions, so we’ll go with the more accurate NYC Dept. of Health stats on this one). Either way, pro-abortion Dems don’t think there are enough aborted.

By the way, Planned Parenthood, trotting out black spokespeople for its billion-dollar abortion chain doesn’t change its racist DNA any more than hiring female lawyers changes Harvey Weinstein’s nature. 

Over the past 10 years in New York state, overall abortion totals declined from 118,381 in 2008 to 72,548 in 2018 (the latest year reported). In a state that has 218 abortion-committing facilities and taxpayer-funded abortions, who exactly is “lacking access” to abortion? Only 15.6% of those having abortions in the Empire State pay out of pocket, according to the New York Department of Health. The rest are paid through insurance or Medicaid. In fact, 50% (or 23,200) of New York City’s nearly 46,796 abortions in 2018 were paid for by taxpayers through Medicaid. “Pro-choice” has morphed into government-mandated participation in the killing of innocent human lives in a Gosnell-style abortion utopia where no one is accountable, violence brings “equality” and women’s health is put in jeopardy. Gosnell is all giddy in his jail cell. His House of Horrors was not a morbid lesson to be learned, apparently, but a model to repeat. 

Despite declining abortion numbers, abortion defenders seem hell-bent on increasing them. It’s like tobacco companies claiming they’re preventing cancer deaths by expanding access to cigarettes. But pro-abortion “progressives” turn their eugenic agenda into “concern” for the poor—the very ones they don’t think should exist because no one should be a “burden” to anyone. Poor people need abortion, they say. You know, because having abortion ratios that are nearly 4.7 times higher (black women) and 2.5 times higher (Hispanic women) than the majority population, respectively, just isn’t enough.

Poverty and lack of insurance are always used by pro-abortion apologists to explain higher abortion rates in the black community. Yet the NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity reports that Asians and Hispanics have higher poverty rates (21.7% and 24.2%) than the black community (19.2%) in NYC. And, as abortion has declined in NYC, so has poverty for every demographic. 

What about the uninsured? In NYC in 2017 (the latest year available) Hispanics were uninsured at 11.4%, Asians at 7.7%, blacks at 6.4% and whites at 5.2%. Yet abortion ratios were five times higher in the black community than Asians and whites and nearly twice as high as Hispanics. 

The pro-abortion narrative blaming poverty and lack of insurance falls apart. They deliberately ignore the deliberate targeting of black lives that has been happening over the past century.

Voting rights and anti-poverty activist, Fannie Lou Hamer, denounced abortion as black genocide. She was an adoptive mama and a prolife Democrat who decried the inherent racism and elitism of Planned Parenthood and its political abortion allies.

Planned Parenthood is still operating in its unchanged DNA, fashioned in the vile pseudoscience of eugenics. The billion-dollar abortion chain continually and disproportionately targets the black community, tweeting garbage like this: “If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or to give birth. #ScaryStats.” (This “abortion is safer than childbirth” rhetoric is debunked here, here, and here). 

What if President Trump had tweeted this? What do you think the reaction would’ve been? Complete. SJW. Meltdown. But Planned Parenthood tweets this racist pseudoscience, and they’re heralded for “standing with [pro-abortion] black women”. 

In my home state of Virginia, abortion activism has gotten so extreme, mainstream Democrats don’t even filter their words any more. Governor Ralph Northam bizarrely announced his support (starting at 38:43) for allowing a child born alive with fetal “abnormalities” to be left to die, if the mother and her doctor [abortionist who profits when the child is killed] agreed. He wasn’t even talking about a botched abortion. As someone who has several disabled siblings who had “fetal abnormalities” in utero, I shudder at the same ‘racial hygiene theory’ espoused by NAZIs freely flowing from pro-abortion Democrats’ mouths. The truly disabled are those who think killing the most powerless, the most marginalized and the most defenseless is something to celebrate. 

So, this Black History Month (or any month of the year), take a moment and think of the millions that won’t be celebrated. Think about the countless stories of struggle and triumph that will never be told because the womb to abortion pipeline is praised and defended by those who claim to fight for “equality”. There is no situation, today, more emblematic of civil rights gone wrong than in the former Party of Slavery now proudly proclaiming its status of being the Party of Limitless Abortion. As someone who was once considered “black and unwanted” but adopted and loved instead, I pray that many in the black community will awaken and understand the difference between being empowered and being fooled by those in power. Until then, the Democrat Party will keep pushing the horrific violence of abortion and making millions of blacks, history.

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