The Truth Will Set You Free

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“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” It’s a quote from the late voting rights and anti-poverty freedom fighter, Fannie Lou Hamer. Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion activists love to quote her but ignore what drove her worldview. She was a pro-life, adoptive mother who hated abortion. She said “legal abortion is legal murder” and called it “genocide” in her 1971 speech, “Is It Too Late?”.

Hamer explained: “And I am the twentieth child. And so help me God, I respect my mother so much that they didn’t have them birth control pills because if they had them I probably wouldn’t be standing here today. So as I made that narrow escape to be here, I fight for the other kids too to give them a chance. Because if you give them a chance they might come up being Fannie Lou Hamers and something else.”

February is Black History Month where we celebrate dreamers and doers. You can’t be remembered if you’re violently dismembered. How many trailblazers, of any hue, have we lost to the violence of abortion?

In 2020, Black people were 12.1% of America’s population yet comprised an alarming 39.2% of all abortions. White people were 61.1% of the population yet represented a much lower 32.7% of abortions. This reproductive violence is epidemic in the black community. Planned Parenthood, absurdly rebranding itself as an anti-racist organization, kills more black people than any form of “white supremacy” ever. Their version of “freedom” is ensuring that the most vulnerable black lives never get to breathe, never get to dream, never get to vote, and never get to prove that their lives matter.

So-called feminists say abortion is important for maternal health. In 2020, there were a total of 861 maternal deaths. The maternal mortality rate for black women (55.3 per 100,000 live births) was 2.9 times higher than for white women and 3 times higher than for Hispanic women in 2020. But high blood pressure disorders are the leading causes of death among black mothers. The CDC’s own maternal mortality review committee doesn’t recommend abortion as a solution but reports that over 60% of these maternal deaths are “highly preventable” especially with better prenatal care.

Pro-abortion activists ignore the fact that maternal mortality rates drastically plummeted 95 percent between 1915 and 1964. The rate dropped from 728 deaths per 100,000 live births to a rate of 33.3 deaths per 100,000 live births, before birth control and abortion became legal. The CDC creditsmedical breakthroughs like penicillin for this incredible decline. We can’t abort our way out of maternal mortality. We can, however, reduce these tragic deaths with better healthcare and self-care.

Fannie Lou Hamer was forcibly sterilized by a doctor sharing the same racist eugenics ideas that birthed Planned Parenthood. She had no love for the organization that violently denies millions of children their chance to become someone to remember.

Nobody’s free until the Truth sets them free.

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The Bomberger Family - of the Radiance Crew before the 2023 March for Life began.
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