The Pro-life Republican President Who Made Women’s History Month Possible

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Women’s History Month. I’m all for it. We should celebrate anyone (like these fearless women) who has helped to positively shape the greatest nation on earth. And yes, my American exceptionalism bias will always show.

"Logic" by The Radiance FoundationOf course, in this day in age, it’s gotten a bit murky since anyone, apparently, can be a woman. Perhaps the historical designation has run its course. It’s increasingly being made irrelevant by a pseudoscientific ideology that denies there is any distinction between women and men. We’re all just the same. And we can all be the same, as long as we self-identify as anything we want to be. I think therefore I am has a whole new meaning.

If only women knew this special semantic trick back during the early part of the 20th century. They could have been voting long before the 19th Amendment. Why wait until 1920 when all they needed to do was temporarily self-identify as males and voila! Voting ballot done! Isn’t that how it works today? Born Caucasian but wanna be black? No problem. Just Dolezal it! Born a man but feeling like a woman? Be Jenner’d! (Or is that de-Jenner’d?)

I know some people get all testy when you get all historical about things (ironically, especially during Women’s History Month), but the joint resolution making “Women’s History Week” possible was the result of…wait for it…patriarchy! Hush yo’ mouth! The very men, blasted with waging an imaginary War on Women, voted to celebrate women’s historical contributions to this great nation.

Not one of these pro-abortion female politicians featured in the headline image of this article would ever have made history if they were victims of the senseless violence they all support(ed). From Vice President Kamala Harris to Hillary Clinton to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Senator Tammy Duckworth to Representative Maxine Waters to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the late #ShirleyChisholm and #GeraldineFerraro…not one of them could have achieved anything if their lives were cut short by “reproductive freedom.” Shouldn’t we give every girl the chance to be born and become a history-maker? Isn’t that true empowerment?

Fake feminists might get all Ashley Judd on this but they need to thank pro-life Republican Orrin Hatch for sponsoring the Senate bill that made history for women. Yes. Women’s History Week, the precursor to Women’s History Month, was introduced in February 1981 and signed by a pro-life Republican President—Ronald Reagan—in August of the same year.

I can hear some Women’s Marchers screaming for a safe space right now.

The bi-partisan effort was co-sponsored by 35 other Senators (18 Democrats, 18 Republicans). All of them, but one, were men. A subsequent Senate resolution (Pub.L. 100-9), which made the commemoration the entire month of March was, again, sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch…and again, signed by President Reagan.

I honestly think this could trigger the sudden and desperate need for cookies and coloring books on campuses across the country. Breathe Women’s Studies majors, breathe.

So, when you see posts on your favorite social media about American women who’ve blazed trails, thank Reagan. Thank a bipartisan effort in a GOP-led Senate. Thank those blamed for all the “wrongs” of patriarchy by today’s historically-challenged “feminists”. More importantly, when you celebrate a history-making woman, thank the mother who didn’t choose to abort her and the father who (most times) helped to shape her into the woman she became.

This article was originally published in 2019.


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  • urbanvrwcmom

    It was also Ronald Reagan who made Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday. Instead of thanking President Reagan, Jesse Jackson blasted him.

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