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Republished article by Ryan Scott Bomberger from July 2012. Kermit Gosnell is now standing trial for 8 counts of murder, including killing a woman through a botched abortion and snipping the necks of healthy delivered babies, aborting them post-birth. 


It is in our nature to mourn the loss of life. How much more tragic when the life of a mother is taken at the same time her child is ripped from her womb?

Planned Parenthood’s botched abortion, in a state where liberals ferociously defend the barbaric act, has resulted in an empty apology from the world’s largest billion-dollar abortion chain. Tonya Reaves and her unborn child will become nameless statistics that will inevitably be erased from the abortion industry’s collective memory.

Operation Rescue is the only organization detailing the state-by-state violent aftermath of abortion and the lives that are taken. They uncover what our mainstream media is too lazy and too opposed to doing — informing the public. Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger rightfully calls out Obama, who has become a male cheerleader for Planned Parenthood, for not using his Trayvon tactic of identity. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayon” were the words spoken by Obama as he inserted himself, quite racially, into that tragic and needless shooting. But where is Obama in this tragedy? Isn’t Tonya more reflective of the daughters that he actually has of which he complained should not be “punished with a baby”?

But, apparently, it’s ok for this woman to be punished with death, leaving her 1 year old son orphaned, and simply rule it as an accident. Whoops. We’re sorry. Our bad.

Where are the racialists now?

Ryan Bomberger, Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Johnny & Pat Hunter, Day Gardner, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Rev. Arnold Culbreath stand outside of Gosnell's clinic to mourn the loss of life and the women maimed by the Philly butcher abortionist.

Ryan Bomberger, Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Johnny & Pat Hunter, Day Gardner, Pastor Stephen Broden, and Rev. Arnold Culbreath stand outside of Gosnell’s clinic to mourn the loss of life and the women maimed by the Philly butcher abortionist who was charged with 8 counts of murder.

Silent. Because in the bizarre world of a liberal, racism exists everywhere but in the only organization that exists to profit through induced death on a daily basis and get away with it. Planned Parenthood’s billion-dollar population control effortS, undeterred even by a bad economy, are exposed in Maafa21 and The Radiance Foundation’s campaigns. Abortion is the number one killer of black Americans, and now, the Reaves family is directly touched by this alarming and avoidable reality.

This isn’t the first time, or the last, that black women in Chicago will be harmed by Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant’s “apology” letter accepted no blame, of course, but instead touted the “safety” of an action that always leaves someone dead. They used the same rhetoric when, in pre-Roe 1972, they funded abortionist Harvey Karman’s work with the disastrous super coil abortion method. Then, as now, women’s lives didn’t matter; making a killing was, and is, the goal. In that pursuit, Karman (who was not a trained physician but a psychologist who performed illegal abortions) partnered with the now infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell to experiment on 15 black, low-income women from Chicago. They bussed these pregnant women, all in their second trimester, to Philadelphia to film the super coil abortion method.

Nine of the thirteen women were seriously harmed, requiring hospitalization; one woman had to have an emergency hysterectomy. The CDC banned the technique.

Neither Karman nor Gosnell was ever punished for their crimes. Arlen Specter was the Pennsylvania Attorney General, by the way. And we all know how Gosnell went on to be a stellar citizen and caring medical doctor.

Planned Parenthood has scrubbed the super coil fiasco from their history, and so have abortion activists and sympathizers. Michelle Goldberg, a dishonest pro-abortion author and Newsweek columnist who compared Ann Romney to Hitler for praising motherhood, conveniently leaves out these butchered women’s story in a glowing tribute to Harvey Karman. Just as with Sanger, the crusade is more important than human lives, especially those of women. In 1955, prior to the 1972 experiment, Karman was found guilty of killing a woman in a botched illegal abortion. He spent an entire two years in jail and was freed. Oh, but he did work at Head Start. Leave it to a liberal like Goldberg to tout a murderer’s community involvement.

Even NCBI, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which claims to “contribute toward the National Institutes of Health mission of uncovering new knowledge” deliberately covers up facts in its abstract of this heinous “super coil” experiment by referring to Harvey Karman as a physician, failing to mention that both Karman and Gosnell were performing illegal abortions or mentioning that the 15 women were low-income black women. This reminds me of an article, The Visible Invisibles, that my friend and National Black Prolife Coalition colleague, Catherine Davis, wrote about the media’s coverage of NYC’s shocking abortion statistics, which omitted any data pertaining to the black community.

The abortion industry gets away with murder every day. In Illinois, the Chicago Tribune unearthed massive corruption and unreported abortions, abortion complications, and abortion-related deaths back in 2011.

Tonya Reaves will be yet another swept under the blood-stained rug of history, unless the most corrupt taxpayer funded organization—Planned Parenthood—is finally held responsible for their “safe” actions and defunded.

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