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Mainstream media and especially pro-abortion liberal opinionists are desperate to control the narrative on the horrific millionaire abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. Ignoring the fact that he is not the exception, but increasingly the rule among abortionists, “pro-choice” media is trying to segregate this case, to isolate the public from the broader truth—that Gosnell is the natural consequence of rabid pro-abortion advocacy. This is powerfully captured in the award-winning short film, 3801 Lancaster. The crew of that documentary came to Gosnell’s abortion mill (I know because I was there). Mainstream media never showed up. And they didn’t show up at his trial either.

Instead, the Associated Press, along with HuffPo and other mainstream media outlets are claiming that the poor women who went to the “elegant man” (as the AP bizarrely described him) had no choice. They bemoan that Gosnell’s workers had “few options” (because most of Philly’s employed choose jobs where they brutally cut people’s spinal cords and toss around their lifeless bodies like play objects). And they accuse the prolife movement, who has always pushed for abortion center regulations and enforcement, of somehow creating Gosnell’s situation. NARAL lamented Gosnell was a “peek into the world before Roe”. No. It’s a peek into today’s world of limitless abortion (as championed by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, NOW, and other rabidly pro-abortion groups), with no regard for the lives of women and children.

Ryan Bomberger, Dr. Alveda King, Day Gardner, Dr. Johnny Hunter and others gather outside of Gosnell's clinic in February 2011 to mourn the loss of lives at the "House of Horrors".

Ryan Bomberger, Dr. Alveda King, Day Gardner and members of the National Black Prolife Coalition gather outside of Gosnell’s clinic in February 2011 to mourn the loss of lives at the “House of Horrors”.

Amanda Marcotte, pro-abortion apologist who writes for Slate.com and the pathologically dishonest Rewire.news, writes how simple the reason for Gosnell is: “poverty, plus lack of access due to anti-choice activism.”

What a poor excuse. No, really. What a pathetically poor excuse. Philadelphia, which doesn’t record or publish any data on abortion in its city, has no idea who is seeking abortions. In other states/cities that actually track this vital data (like Georgia), college students in attempts to hide who they are, often list themselves as poor or needing financial aid when seeking abortions, which grossly exaggerates the genuine “poverty” status of those having abortions. Even if every patient who went to Gosnell were poor, do we know the repeat abortion rate of his victims? Do we know if they remained trapped in the cycle of poverty? Do we know how many were on Medicaid? Marcotte and her abortion cohorts can make up stuff all they want, but they can’t conjure a reality where abortion magically cures poverty or strengthens women shackled by circumstances unimproved by killing the life within them.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women (ages 18-64) are more impoverished today at 15.5% than they were in 1973 where poverty for that same demographic hit its lowest point since the 60s—10%. Black women have abortions up to 5 times the rate of white women (as in NYC); there’s no lack of access. According to the PA Department of Health (h/t to the Pennsylvania ProLife Federation), there were 65 licensed hospitals that performed abortions and 24 abortion clinics (reportedly down to 17 due to better legislative protections passed in 2013) that performed 36,280 abortions as of December 30, 2011—hardly a lack of access. There is a lack of education of life-sustaining healthcare that is available to women through pregnancy care centers that don’t charge women a dime for any of their pregnancy services. There are even over 4,000 Title X funded clinics (excluding all Planned Parenthood abortion centers) that provide reproductive healthcare on a sliding scale basis for those who truly cannot pay; they just don’t perform abortions.

Location of Philly Abortion Clinics through Dec 2011. Darker areas represent U.S. Census Bureau concentration of selected demographic. We've selected Black Race to show how most abortion mills are located in majority black neighborhoods.

Location of Philly Abortion Clinics through Dec 2011. Darker areas represent U.S. Census Bureau population data w/ concentration of selected demographic. We’ve selected Black Race to show how most abortion mills are located in majority black neighborhoods.

So according to Marcotte, Planned Parenthood (which touts itself as the savior of poor, and especially black women) priced itself out of consideration of these desperate women. I mean, they only had 7 other surgical abortion clinics in Philly (the majority of which are located in predominantly black neighborhoods as seen in the embedded map…the darker the color, the more concentration of the selected demographic—black race in this case–through demographic tool, SocialExplorer.com) in addition to hospitals that commit abortions. If that weren’t enough, one could simply travel a few minutes across the Ben Franklin Bridge to Camden for more abortion mills. It’s not enough to have a cornucopia of abortion facilities around. Abortion activists demand more governmental dependence. So Marcotte and her allies throw the Hyde Amendment into the picture. Not only has the federal government shredded the two-parent (married) family unit and caused complete financial dependence on a failed bureaucratic system, now the government needs to also add to the broken communities it has created with forced taxpayer funding of more…brokenness. So the blame for Gosnell’s butchery is on evil prolifers who see value in every human life and the beauty of freedom that embracing responsibility can provide.

But the Gosnell narrative gets better.

Even Planned Parenthood (the organization that supports partial birth abortion and infanticide) finally broke its silence Friday, during the brilliant and relentless #Gosnell Tweetfest, to condemn the Gosnell case as “appalling” in a tweet. But wait. Wasn’t it appalling to allow Tonya Reaves to bleed to death, from a botched abortion, for 5.5 hours and never call 911? Planned Parenthood apparently doesn’t think so. But it was one of their own (still unnamed) abortionists in their own Chicago clinic. Oh, the sense of warped moral superiority.

Not to mention, Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania (PPSP) knew about Gosnell’s wretched “House of Horrors”…and did nothing. Dayle Steinberg, CEO/President of boasted having first-hand knowledge of how atrocious the convicted abortionist’s facility was, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer which reported from Planned Parenthood’s fundraising gala: “Steinberg said that when Gosnell was in practice, women would sometimes come to Planned Parenthood for services after first visiting Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic, and would complain to staff about the conditions there.‘We would always encourage them to report it to the Department of Health,’ Steinberg said as she sat with [Gloria] Steinem before Tuesday’s events.”

In other words, Planned Parenthood knew about Gosnell but never bothered to report him to state health authorities. Abortion was worth protecting more than women’s lives.

Planned Parenthood’s words drip with the Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.24.50 PMblood of their own actions. There is no real outrage from the nation’s largest abortion chain whose own facility in Delaware was just shut down because of its squalid conditions, thanks to two whistle-blowing’ nurses. Their tweet was a PR stunt. They know that mainstream media won’t connect the simple dots: Planned Parenthood’s own lobbyist promoting infanticide while PPFA leads the fight for New York’s Reproductive Health Act (which demands the elimination of all clinic regulations) and the fact that it only took two years to publicly condemn an abortionist who killed women and murdered children born alive. The Reproductive Health Act, by the way, is a radical bill that will classify abortion as a “human right”, strip it from the state’s criminal codes regarding homicide, shield abortionists who kill women as a result of botched abortions, and prevent any current and all future attempts to regulate abortion clinics. Joined by NARAL, Ms. Foundation, and other pro-abortion groups, Planned Parenthood will ensure the reduction of women to sub-human status in clinics, like Gosnell’s, that are far more frequent than lazy mainstream media cares to investigate.

In fact, mainstream media doesn’t talk about another seedy Philly abortionist, Soleiman M. Soli, who closed his doors (in November 2010) instead of fighting a newly invigorated PA Department of Health after the Gosnell discovery.  As reported by The Inquirer back in March 2011 (and covered by LifeNews.com) Soli had medications in his clinic that were expired for over 30 years, no recovery room, no admitting privileges at an area hospital, stored aborted baby parts in exam-room cabinets and the list went on and on. Unsurprisingly, the same Board of Medicine that chose to ignore Kermit Gosnell’s butchery of poor black women in his 1972 supercoil illegal abortion experiment gone awry turned their backs on Soli’s repeated violations, too. Even as an OB/GYN he was embroiled in numerous lawsuits for harming women in his care, one case ending in a $35 million settlement. Gosnell was, and is, not alone in preying on women. Where were the abortion activists when women were being harmed by Soli for three decades? Silent and complicit.

Click to read the Grand Jury Report. It it horrific and honest. No MSM censorship.

Pennsylvania is my home state.  It’s sad to see how Philadelphia is plagued by increasing high poverty (over 25%), high crime rates, high drug usage, high abortion rates, epidemic fatherlessness and plenty of unbrotherly love. But there is still beauty and hope in the city where America began, the city that holds the symbol of the promise of Liberty. Inscribed on that bell-shaped piece of history in Independence Hall are the words from Leviticus 25:10: “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” It’s hard to speak of American history and liberty without invoking Patrick Henry, famous for his profound oratory skills and eloquence. He famously declared “give me Liberty or give me death.” He fought for the freedom of some but, as a slave owner, struggled with his own inflicted injustice. As he described in a letter to a Quaker friend, it was financial convenience that prevented him from freeing his slaves despite the dehumanizing institution of slavery.

And today, the abortion industry speaks of the equality of some while crushing the equality of others. They can’t proclaim liberty through the land or throughout Philadelphia. They, too, cannot separate from the financial benefit of the injustice they daily inflict through the dehumanizing institution of abortion.

So, no more poor excuses. Either the human right to life exists for all, or it exists for none. Either we promote liberty, or we promote death. We can’t promote both, simultaneously, while the blood of the innocent stains our nation’s soul.


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  • Liz McDermott

    Ryan, your article is first rate. I will save it and re-read it often. I live in Ireland where, until now, abortion has been unlawful. The present government is bowing to huge political pressure from its coalition partner in government and from Europe, to join the ranks of those who value personal choice over collective social maturity and responsibility. Please pray for the pro life movement in Ireland that we may succeed in persuading our politicians away from this self-destructive path. Thank you for your insightful article and may God continue to bless your work.

  • Mary

    One of the BEST articles I have ever read!!!! God bless you 4 your excellent work!

  • Carole

    EXCELLENT – Your Analysis is Spot on !

  • Michael J. O'Neill

    A well written and lucid monograph on the “butcher of Philly”. Frankly, I admit that I thought only the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation, was opposing the destruction of innocnet, unborn human babies in the wombs of their mothers. During Latin Mass I pray for the end to abortion and its evil partner, contraception.

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