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Planned Parenthood proves, every day, that it is not about real choice. It truly is faux choice. It’s not enough for the billion-dollar abortion giant to abort over 327,000 human lives every year, but it also sells those “unwanted” babies for their wanted baby parts by those willing to pay for discarded human beings.

The latest undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress reveal the cold, callous and barbaric nature of Planned Parenthood. Radically pro-abortion RH Reality Check put out a silly infographic short on facts and long on names and organizations, called Network of Lies. It’s laughable that a blog site devoted to total distortion is trying to accuse a movement rooted in science, statistics and legal accuracy of lying. Mainstream media is doing everything it can to defend Planned Parenthood, no matter the distortions. It always has. Faux choice groups and faux choice politicians are devoted to defending the billion-dollar bully and show no care or concern for the defenseless unborn child only wanted for her organs.

History is full of inhumane inequality and violence. Been there. Done with that.





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