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An edited version and audio commentary (“The New Transgender Patriarchy) appear here on The World and Everything In It.

The world’s not going crazy. The world’s always been crazy.

We’re just now in an era where it’s justified, codified, and amplified. Surrounded by co-opted rainbows, we’re supposed to celebrate that we can’t believe our own eyes. A Supreme Court Justice can’t define what she is. Medical Associations think men can chest feed. And a First Lady (guess that term will be obsolete soon) ran out of women to honor with the White House’ International Women of Courage Award. So, she gave it to a man.

“Girls everywhere need to know that there are women fighting for them and winning,” Jill Biden said in the ceremony. Which women? Not liberal ones. And sadly, not enough conservative or independent ones either. Where are the feminists when girls are being displaced in high school sports? Where are the feminists when women are being disgraced in raunchy drag shows? Where are the feminists when women are being replaced in pageants? Where are the feminists when women are being erased in the medical terminology?

LGBT activism has moved from cultural “tolerance” to political dominance. They’ve rendered so-called feminists useless. Women’s rights, like Title IX, apparently paved the way for “transgender” activists to steamroll right over them.

And what happens when men – you know, those evil patriarchs – step up and challenge the LGBT patriarchy that threatens their daughters? They get demonized. They get suspended without pay from their jobs, like Travis Allen, for daring to say male students should not be in the showers and locker rooms of female students.

For over a century, feminists have decried the patriarchy. which is generally defined as the “general structure in which men have power over women.” That’s exactly what’s happening in our society today. Men beating women in swimming, track, weightlifting, multiple scholarships and awards is the very definition of having power.  When men enter and rule women’s spaces, that’s LGBT Patriarchy.

Smith College, a leading feminist all-women’s school, decided in 2015 to admit men who “identify” as women. In explaining their redirection and denial of science, they claimed: “In the years since Smith’s founding, concepts of female identity have evolved.” Female is not a concept. It’s biological fact.

The Church of Corporate America is preaching the religion of transgenderism. Hershey’s, a company that has tragically gone woke and morally broke, recently launched a Women’s History Month campaign called #HerSHE, dropping the ‘Y’. In this demeaning campaign, the once-family-friendly corporation features a man – Fae Johnstone — who twirls and identifies as “trans”. Funny. I don’t recall Hershey’s featuring white people in blackface during Black History Month to celebrate “inclusivity.”

The same Democratic Party that denied Black people their personhood is now the Party that denies females their womanhood.

Wait. I think I see some breaking news: Chuck Schumer is being honored as the first black female Senate Majority Leader. Well, why not?

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